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Vivi is a cyborg created using a body donated by a young man who died of an unknown disease. He is a college student and part of a paid research project on AI and robots.


The young man who donated his body to create Vivi died suddenly of an unknown disease. Despite having none of the memories or personality of this young man, his family took custody of Vivi, who was very uncomfortable with it. Thus, he cut ties with them when he went off to college.

In order to survive, Vivi is participating in a paid research project studying robots and AI living in society as humans. He makes a modest sum, just enough to buy food and split rent for a small two-bed-one-bath apartment he shares with Aria

Vivi actually met Aria when searching for said apartment. He required a robot-friendly roommate, so the two of them were a good match.

Aria got Vivi into singing and activism. He doesn't do much of either, but he has fun when he does. He is very bright, so he tends to shine when debating and arguing over the internet.

Vivi took in Willow, a fellow cyborg and participant in the same research project who was booted from the project because of issues with funding. The two of them share a room and are very close.


Vivi is kind and altruistic and puts the wellbeing of others before his own in most circumstances. He is very patient, maybe even too patient, and while it helps him keep his cool in debates it does make him easy to take advantage of.


Aria is Vivi's roommate. Aria treats him a lot like a little brother, and they both delight in annoying each other. Aria is very protective of him and even a little aggressive, which Vivi dislikes because he feels like he's being treated like a child.

Willow is Vivi's close friend. He's temporarily living in Vivi's room because he was discarded by the research project he was part of. Vivi cherishes him and, even though he doesn't realize it, he has a bit of a crush on him."

Design notes

  • He has tiny sparkling freckles
  • His earpiece is part of his body


  • He is much stronger than the average human
  • He can see in the dark and his eyes can act as flashlights
  • His hearing is enhanced
  • He can recharge by sunbathing, eating, or by plugging himself into a wall outlet!
  • He can overheat by thinking too hard
  • He can store memory elsewhere and delete memories, or it can be done by someone else in case they're able to access his "brain."