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Howdy hey! This is Chocowaffles~
Just be nice and reasonable then we’re all good ^^ 

Please be wary that my profile is still being worked on meaning that some OCs may not have warnings done just yet,, do be aware of this when looking through


  • Fanart of my characters (Yes yes! I would love that sm <3)
  • Interact with ocs 
  • Dm for any concerns or questions etc. etc.
  • Rp with me !
  • Steal ocs/ heavily inspired by my characters and designs.
  • Compare my personal OCs to canon characters. I understand it’s harmless but it‘s personally upsetting to me.
  • Try to reach out with alts or sumthn if I blocked u :/
 Content warning
  • body horror
  • dark/distressing/horror themes
  • large age gaps (nothing underage)
  • gore
  • blood
  • depiction of murder
  • knives (or weapons in general)
  • smoking
  • scars (not self inflicted ones)
  • cannibalism
  • I try to put appropriate character-specific warnings on characters that i know have triggering content, if there are any that you come across that you feel need a warning (if they don't have one) feel free to Lmk and I’ll make sure it has the correct warnings.
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