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"As far as I'm concerned, my meridians are dead."
Ao (7N) Derecho, Ascend





Warp dog


ESTJ - The Executive

Type 5 - The Investigator


Having the disgraced Ao sectname, combined with the 7N district tag, Derecho hasn't had an easy life. Born into an exiled sect, and in the 7N district, which is most famous for being nothing but pure slum through and through, it wouldn't have surprised anyone if Derecho hadn't done much with his life. Most in his shoes don't live past the age of 15, and the ones that do live miserable lives in the warp mines or getting caught up in drug cartel or sex trafficking. No one handed Derecho anything at any point in his life. In 7N, it's everyone for themselves. Even his own family had nothing to do with him; he was a drain on resources, another mouth to feed. Abandoned at the district's medical facility, Derecho was later on surrendered to the closest thing they could call an orphanage, but it only allowed children five years or younger to stay. Once he hit the age of five, he was out on the streets.

Most children out on their own remained on their own. Safety in numbers is a myth and a lie in 7N, and it's everyone for themselves. Derecho spent the next several years doing everything he could to fend for himself. Stealing food eventually turned to pickpocketing for money for better food. This eventually turned to mugging, and later on evolved into murder in the streets. In 7N, no one cares all that much, and Derecho, having spent his entire life never having been cared about or shown any amount of empathy, had none to share with anyone else. It's kill or be killed in a dog-eat-dog district, and Derecho wasn't going to let himself wither away into nothing, not after he'd spent his life fighting just to scrape by another day.

It wasn't until the 9Q Catastrophe years later that Derecho finally got his break. The titanic explosion in the 9Q district's warp mines blew power conduits across half the sector, shattering the energy barriers across at least fifty districts, and Derecho didn't hesitate to make his escape. Having nothing to take with him, he left the only place he'd known for the last sixty years of his life, and he never looked back.

It's not unheard of people to leave their districts, but it's not exactly common, either. Derecho was able to settle in the 4C district after a few months of wandering and skirting sector enforecement. His biochip will always identify his sectname and district of origin, regardless of where he lives now or if he changes his name. It didn't deter him, and despite being over sixty, Derecho enrolled himself in school, now that he finally had the opportunity. Not caring that he was surrounded by kids, he learned how to read, write, and how to just.. exist in a district where you didn't have to kill someone just to stay alive.

Derecho's only real skills were in fighting, and this was eventually noticed by a district overseer. Not many people in 4C had the kinds of brutal skills he possessed, and he was eventually approached with an offer of peacekeeper. While Derecho had no desire to align himself with enforcement, he took the job, needing the money. Still, being a peacekeeper had its perks, and it enabled him to walk between districts. He began to make acquaintances here and there, and more people began taking notice of his skillset.

Years later, Derecho eventually found himself moving up in the world again, having played the waiting game long enough, and was given the task of being a bodyguard for a politician's son, Axiom. While he's not too fond of Axiom, Derecho doesn't mind the work, and he likes having a guaranteed place to live and exist. It gets annoying when he has to put up with Axiom's friends and go with him to places, but the fact that he's had to fend off would-be kidnappers and killers to keep Axiom safe on more than one occasion, Derecho takes the job seriously, and has never once slacked off, not even for a moment.

Due to his good work, and working for a politician, no less, Derecho was able to get the "Ascend" marker added to his biochip's information, denoting him as someone who as risen through the ranks and has proven to be a useful member of higher-end society. While the notion itself is disgusting, Derecho is grateful to have it, because now, regardless of his sectname and district that will always be with him, people will know now that those things aren't all that defines him anymore. He's someone better.

  • Burnt coffee
  • Incense
  • Hot baths
  • Hard candies
  • Deep sleep
  • Drug use
  • Extreme heat
  • Warping
  • Dead silence
  • Sour things
  • The wrappings all over his body are woven from a special fabric that suppress warp magic. They cover his body's natural warp meridians to prevent them from activating on accident.
  • Eyes glow in the dark
  • His ear tag signifies his warp attunement
  • His sword conducts electricity and is amplified by his meridians, but only passively, as he has them suppressed.
  • Hand tattoos were done with gold ink, and glimmer in the light
Axiom Charge

Axiom is the person that Derecho has been tasked with protecting. Even though Axiom is young and annoying, that doesn't stop Derecho from doing his job. The two have a fragile relationship.

Vyr Annoying kid

Being Axiom's best friend, Derecho often gets stuck having to look after Vyr most days of the week. Vyr is loud and irritating, eats too much sugar, and Derecho hates him with a passion.