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pokemon squad go!!! last updated 4.19.19. images stored in this imgur album. (they're from bulbapedia but i was apparently leeching their bandwidth.)

prinplup, female. torrent
notes: extremely arrogant. considers herself the leader of the team. hates accepting favors and never says thank you. difficult to work with, but tries hard in a battle. can't say if that makes her any better. only friend in the entire team is morei.

u7rmpgX.pngmorei rice candy
sanslash, female. sand veil
notes: the first sandslash in the league! long name: moreiality. well-intentioned @ the rest of the team, but aloof anyway. to everyone she pretends she is Tough and Scary but she's a sucker for a good poffin or cuddles. easily bribed with food. dislikes actual socialization and usally only found hanging around ice cream sundae kid or pipsnap. likes battles so she can vent her entire frustration at what is reality. previously known to study ethics with silverdust, but currently between thoughts and out of study. busy learning how to poffin, but this is a secret.

GJCxnUW.pngsilverdust patch
cinccino, male. technician
notes: from the Omskivar. more like the actual leader of the team; well-experienced and scholarly. reads books in his spare time and usually has one with him. currently reading game of thrones. supportive of neuron's career, but only on the scholarly side, because he wants to convince him that he doesn't have to fight - but neuron is not being convinced. anyway, silverdust usually has to be wheedled into battle. i don't trust him.

noibat, female. infiltrator
notes: gift from master eif, christmas 2015. i think it was 2015 anyway. a member of the Trio Soul Team with souleaf and soul zap. together they go on explorations. the most impulsive and curious of the Trio Soul team and... of the entire pokemon team. often found sitting on trainer's head or shoulder, and might have a little leash thing so she doesn't keep getting distracted and lost.

riolu, male. inner focus
notes: gift from nira, secret santa 2015. the team baby although he tries very hard to convince everyone else he isn't. unfortunately, he has a weakness for coloring books, and adores drawing. a bit of an up-and-coming artist. best with crayons.

abra, female. magic guard
notes: pompous, although she's decent with turning it down so she can get along with others. looks up to pipsnap as true royalty, although pipsnap doesn't know this and thinks dreamling is making fun of her. hates studying, prefers battling, and looks down on silverdust. although silverdust looks down on her. they might have a rivalry thing going on.

meowth, male. technician
notes: named after toph's nickaname for aang. flavor will come accordingly. super light on his feet and sleeps with coins in his socks. wants to learn how to knit in his spare time. a pure bean who deserves only the best things. incredibly tight with money and makes disapproving noises whenever trainer spends.

K6qh2eO.pngsea fluff
seel, female. thick fat
notes: going to take over the world.

LTVCGTu.pngice cream sundae kid (skiddo)
alolan sandslash, female. snow cloak
notes: a good and faux-villainous kid who tries very hard. nick-nicknamed skiddo. takes notes on battles, and relies overmuch on theory. but she tries very hard!! probably a hufflepuff. morei's protege and triangle's best friend.

togedemaru, iron barbs
notes: supportive of everyone. gives good (stubby) hugs. even supports sea fluff's plan to take over the world. also a hufflepuff. best friends with ice cream sundae kid. they might go learn how to make poffins with morei sometime, but that is a secret because morei is Tough.

zigzagoon, male. gluttony
notes: naive as all hell. friends with sheltered bean, who is the only one capable of being more gullible than sendrei is.

UJJIZJb.pngoctavian rush
staravia, male. intimidate
notes: incredibly, incredibly overconfident.

HoawjvY.pngedelweiss bellflower
flaaffy, female. static
notes: sweet, pragmatic, the only normal one on this entire team,

i4Jp6LC.pngwhisperling neige
snover, female. snow warning
notes: the first snover in the league! believes strongly in sinnoh mysticism and constantly asking when they can all go on a pilgrimage up mt. coronet. highkey religious. probably prays to arceus asking why everyone is trying to take over the world.

wNixhcO.pngtouabeld ninjaspirit tom
treecko, male. unburden
notes: from a HA starter swap with Lord of the Fireflies. super fast. is going to be a ninja one day, and practices his item dropping specifically for this. loves battles like there is nothing else in the world. (there isn't.)

21nxhV2.pngsmall staring fluff
espurr, female. infiltrator
notes: highkey creepy. like all espurr, always staring at things. unlike all espurr, always staring at you. mute and never talks ever. communicates through feelings or impressions sent by telepathy.

21nxhV2.pngalso starrte zarathrustra
espurr, male. infiltrator
notes: less creepy than his twin. a chatterbox that never shuts up, both aloud and telepathically. other psychic-types find him incredibly obnoxious.

chikorita, female. overgrow
notes: a member of Trio Soul Team with soulbat and soul zap. the cautious member of the exploration team. they probably give her anxiety, but they are also her best friends. learning how to be a healer 'mon.

bounsweet, female. sweet veil
notes: ?????? i don't know what she's thinking??????

pikipek, female. skill link
notes: the only thing she does is swear like a sailor. i want her to have a censorship sig attribute that works kinda like amnesia.

5U2Odw9.pngirate flower
budew, female. natural cure
notes: grouchy as all hell. poison type and makes sure you know it.

wFsuJIZ.pngsoul zap
dedenne, female. cheek pouch
notes: member of Trio Soul Team with souleaf and soulbat. the master strategist of the team. hero: robin from fire emblem awakening. often caught daydreaming while claiming to create strategies. frequently found drawing pictures with zan. part of the exploration team because she loves discovering things.

2HbUA8S.pngpureyell chikarataro
alomomola, female. hydration
notes: gift from master eifie, christmas 2017. the third best cat. an actual healer pokemon that souleaf looks up to. a bit mysterious and unwilling to socialize, although unlike morei she'll spare you a smile if you talk to her.

NYWWaxQ.pngsheltered bean
swinub, male. oblivious
notes: gift from master eifie, christmas 2017. actually oblivious to everything. friends with sendrei because they're both naive as fuck. soft and huggable.

solosis, male. magic guard
notes: gift from cynder, christmas 2017. will grow up to be deadly, but for now is studying how to be deadly. silverdust's prized protege.

spheal, female. ice body
notes: gift from sandstone-shadow, christmas 2017. also going to take over the world, but only to stop global warming. has started a club for this. sea fluff looks down on it: proper conspirators conspire quietly, but snowball is all for handing out pamphlets and stuff.

cherubi, female. chlorophyll
notes: gift from calculus squirtle, christmas 2017. also part of the stop global warming club, but thinks there's a better way than taking over the world; really she's not sure about what she's doing here yet and just wants a friend.

79uf2Wt.pnground blue dewdrop
swablu, female. natural cure
notes: gift from negrek, christmas 2017. clean freak and particularly needs things to be in order. IN ORDER. the naggy friend. well-intentioned, sometimes, and doesn't always shut up when told to. appreciates good music and will shut up if given choice over their travel music for the next hour or so. a good scout because she needs things to be NORMAL, and freaks out if they are not. probably needs anti-stress meds, or something like that. trainer is trying to tell people this, but most nurse joys think trainer is overreacting and tell her all swablu are like this.

eYgnEQw.pnga round friend?
bounsweet, female. oblivious
notes: gift from flora, christmas 2017. a bit dull-witted, but aspires to be great and powerful someday! enthusiastic and loves cheering for people. doesn't actually... enjoy fighting... it hasn't occurred to her yet that in order to evolve she needs to fight...

oricorio, female. dancer
notes: the roundest not-round member of the team, i guess. occasionally pretends to be actually round, but says she qualifies because of her pom-poms. no one has decided to contest her on this. it's not like not-round pokemon can't be on the team! she just wants to be One of Them i guess. probably has abandonment issues and strives to fit in. a good bird.

eqsKRYS.pngsugar crystal fae fighter
carbink. oblivious
notes: from master eif. possibly resentful about the amount of trades they've been through, although they don't really let it show. in fact they don't really let any emotions show. currently has not even participated in the joking rivalries of the squad. probably should be bribed with food. the only question is which kind...

sandshrew, male. sand veil
notes: spends all his time rolling around. he doesn't seem to do anything else. is tangentally friends with morei and skiddo because they're all kinda related, but really spends more time with round friend, who enjoys having a friend to roll around with.

MAjZFef.pngHappy Luck Macaron
togepi, female. serene grace
notes: happy and soft and the entire team has decided she needs to be protected. probably also as oblivious as sheltered bean and sendrei but isn't in that particular Oblivious Duo because she's a happy blissful kind of oblivious and also is weirdly lucky and doesn't get into the same kind of oh no situations that the other two tend to fall into.

3zGmPOL.pngRound on Round
azurill, male. huge power
notes: gift from trinket, birthday 2019. life ambition is to become a concert pianist but for now he's settled himself with learning to make different musical notes when he bounces on his tail. he's a little afraid of losing this talent when he evolves, so he isn't sure if that's a thing that he wants to do.

BGWm8Ns.pngluminous moss
wh-what do you mean this is an item?! this is clearly a pokemon!! a round one!!
notes: gift from keldeo, christmas 2017.

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