9 months, 19 days ago


SAMMANA Transport NPO is not a goverment orginization.

It is headquartered in West Bengal, neighbor state to Jharkhand.

It's board are all members of the West Bengal Department of Information & Cultural Affairs, yes. It is not goverment.

It is a private contractor, primarily operating in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh - providing transportation, security,  and logistics for a number of VIPs that could cause widespread issues if not placated.

Some of these VIPs currently identify and are identified as gods; they and their associated temples usually have significant means, and do not need SAMMANA's resources.  It's the less influential,  the niche, those fallen out of favor with the general public that are the issue.  Especially if the have legitimate powers. Having the power to disrupt society and having public acclaim have no correlation to each other.

There are more of these VIPs than statistics say there should be, because they tend to not conveniently die along with their popularity, nor age with their image.


SAMMANA Transport NPO will also contract its drivers out for short term engagements in the public and private sectors but like hell you’re going to get them out of the company uniform. These are trained Evasive drivers. If they have to leave their AC, somebody’s gonna pay. No wait phrasing - this is premium service, someone has already paid, and vengance is theirs to take. 

They are at Elite mooks.


Both drivers and SAMMANA management would also would really like you to sign up for Aadhaar.