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This user profile has been marked with a content warning:

Some OCs, stories and artworks may contain violent themes such a blood, murder, gore, etc.

  • ex. My parasites story in particular contains body horror, themes about death & experiments.
  • ex. The folder named 'spilled pasta sauce' handles themes about death & killing in general.
There's also a warning for NSFW related stuff.
An overview of possible NSFW content on this account is:

  • General raunchy humor
  • NSFW-related things in character descriptions
  • Suggestive content and/or jokes
  • NSFW images depicting graphic nudity and/or more are tagged accordingly and for authorized viewers only.
The TL;DR of this is that I really like BL ('yaoi' as the common folk say), and I tend to make my OC's to be BL-esque or BL-inspired. BL is an explicit 18+ genre, and such themes come back. Tread at your own will.

Other content warning is an overabundant amount of salarymen and meganes. 

I hope you will enjoy my content nonetheless!


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