Kaseem Hajjar



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Basic Info

Given name:

Kaseem Thoth Hajjar (قاسم ثروث حجار)

Goes by:

"Kas" Kaseem Hajjar


25 years






well balanced, average



Relationship Status:

Single- crushing on Mei

Birthday | Zodiac:

December 31 | ♑


Alexandira, Egypt



Birthstone | Flower:

Chrysoprase | Golden Iris


Kaseem is a mystic who immigrated to the United States as a child and grew up to embrace his heritage and has a 'showmen' type personality. He kind of bums around, going through old libraries and trying to commune with the gods and spirits, but he's also on the payroll of a criminal gang of smugglers. Kas acts as a 'scout' for the lounge gang from time to time, infiltrating rival groups and trying to charm his way into learning their secrets and the top members. When he's working, he tends to be super theatrical and gives himself a new identity each time, which he is usually thrilled about. He's only used to work after long periods of kind of just fucking around, so he kind of spends a lot of time just bothering people. He really likes to find out dirt and interactions between his fellow gang members, and in his free time, he is prone to watching people at nightclubs and bars with their interactions. He loves old books and palm readings, going to see psychics and reading old legends. His apartment is filled with Arabian-inspired tapestries and trinkets, and it is fairly large since he is paid much more than he should be per his rank. He also loves magic tricks and anything remotely related to mysticism. 

For a long time, Kas struggled with accepting his sexuality. He doesn't like the generalization of 'gay guys' and the way most of them act, especially in the media. He wants to be seen as more of a genuine and intellectual person so he doesn't really advertise his preferences and for a while, people didn't even know. When he gets more comfortable with people though, he will flirt a little sarcastically, but if his feelings are genuine he'll be more quiet about it. In the meantime, he is fascinated by the female gender, and he is used to making friends with them more than starting relationships with other guys. He's simply more comfortable around girls because he knows that nothing will go anywhere anyway.

Traits: +charming, +suave, +theatrical, +supportive, +mischivious, +street smart, +protective, +good with people, +lucky, -lazy, -judgmental, -vain, -slightly hypocritical, -gullible, -duplicit, -good at lying, -opinionated

In depth bio: http://fav.me/dc11pd4


  • Has a black Persian cat named Bast, and she is his baby and the true love of his life
  • Loves to people watch and observe their interactions
  • Thinks he's mystically inclined and loves spiritualism, mysticism, and mythology
  • He thinks he's talked with the spirit of his grandmother- she is his favorite family member.
  • Burns candles and incense that mean things to him, like green for monetary luck
  • Knows he's beautiful, you don't need to tell him. Yes, that gold looks good and his eyeliner is slay, he knows. He does it himself.
  • Believes that in a past life, he was a high priest to Amun 
  • Has a faint Egyptian accent
  • Mexican food makes him sick 
  • He isn’t picky about his hair- it can be styled in a lot of different ways 
  • Has an ENTJ personality type 
  • Gets a little offended when media portrays ancient Egyptians as sub-Saharan African or Caucasian. Like, don’t they realize how inaccurate they are? Have they ever been to Egypt?
  • That being said, Kaseem has hardly ever been to Egypt since his move, so most of his interpretation of it comes from media and documentaries. But he still feels like he's warranted in basing most of his aesthetic about it and the rest of the middle east.

Dressing style: https://www.pinterest.com/1katconley/kaseem-hajjar/

Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/18conleyc/playlist/6I4dfSYO3AYUXoJuDbC823

Roleplay information: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/50596.rp-shipping-master-post