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$5 Asymmetry User Profile | HTML

Mobile Friendly Custom Colors Fully HTML
  • If you use this code, please leave a comment in my thread!
  • Make sure you understand how to edit HTML & CSS on Toyhouse!
  • Please don't remove the credit link You may alter it.
  • Codes are available via Kofi, if this doesn't work, you may DM me.

More Info About This Code

  • This is an HTML only version of my other tabbed RPG codes and utilizes bootstrap for its colors. The colors will adjust to match your selected Toyhouse theme, but can be easily changed if you prefer.
  • There are seven tabbed sections, but you are welcome to replace a section with a link out if there are too many tabs for your preference.
  • The main info section will scroll if there is more content than the max height of the layout.



name • age • prns • etc

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