[PENDING] Day 7-Cave Paintings



9 months, 23 days ago
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$25 - $75


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Alrighty! Keep chugging along!

All designs will be subject to my TOS, listed on my website. Bidding will be held through IG, DeviantArt, Toyhou.se and my Discord server.

Each Junicorn design will be a head with extras and color codes with an AB option for a full design.

Quick Auction Rules/Info:

| ✦ | Auction closes 48 hours after last bid or when AB is reached.

| ✦ | Payment through PayPal within 48 hours.

| ✦ | Bid through my comment.

| ✦ | Tag the user you’re bidding against with your bid.

| ✦ | AB 1 is for the head design.

| ✦ | AB 2 is for a fullbody design based off the head.

Day 7 of the Junicorn designs is “Cave Paintings”

They’re a colorful, rhino-horned unicorn with massive fangs that seems to have stepped out of the ice age. They have short, unruly hair that runs down their back to a more “typical” unicorn tail. Each hoof has reverted to those of early equine, three per leg. Most of their body has some form of perma-paint interwoven into their longer than usual coat. They have bright gold piercings and a bone through the bridge of their nose. This kiddo just makes me think “chief teleported from the past.”

SB: $25 

MB: $2 

AB 1: $50 

AB 2: $75