Day 10 - Survivor



18 days, 41 minutes ago
Trade Listing
For Sale (Real Currency)
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$25 - $75


| ✦ |

Alrighty! We are finally a third of the way there!

All designs will be subject to my TOS, listed on my website. Bidding will be held through IG, DeviantArt, and my Discord server.

Each Junicorn design will be a head with extras and color codes with an AB option for a full design.

Quick Auction Rules/Info:

| ✦ | Auction closes 48 hours after last bid or when AB is reached.

| ✦ | Payment through PayPal within 48 hours.

| ✦ | Bid through my comment.

| ✦ | Tag the user you’re bidding against with your bid.

| ✦ | AB 1 is for the head design.

| ✦ | AB 2 is for a fullbody design based off the head.

Day 10 of the Junicorn designs is “Survivor”

They’re fanged, bay pangare unicorn with a broken horn that looks to also be stitched together with a roan individual. They have many scars with their largest injury, exposed spine, usually hidden by a neck wrap. They're short, hair is disheveled and decorated with beads and sparce braids. The shimmering dark skull they accessorize with has been mostly hollowed out and eye holes have been etched into it for better sight. You can tell by the look in their eyes that they have been through some things. They seem to be a fighter with the light to continue on. This kiddo just makes me think “those who never give in.”

SB: $25 

MB: $2 

AB 1: $50 

AB 2: $75