Basma's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

VCR-WOLFE Global Rules
  • you may use and change the design however you like to suit your needs
  • you may change its gender and/or genitals (owner of the design will receive uncensored version if applicable)
  • you may not edit the original files
  • you may reupload the watermarked version elsewhere, with credit to artist
  • you may gift, trade, or resell it
  • you may not resell for more than what you paid for it
  • discuss with me if you would like to use it for profit

if you resell a design you do not necessarily have to let me know you rehomed it, but please do make the new buyer aware of my rules, thank you