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Hey there

I know these guys aren't technically adoptable yet but I was wondering if you'd like art in exchange for this guy? I really dig the design and it fits my skill level when it comes to drawing humanoids lol

I could do any of your animal characters

Here's my example folder

I can provide more details if you're interestedĀ 

Really sorry if you're not looking to send these guys off, I just figured it wouldn't hurt to askĀ 

Oh, trading off any design in here is perfectly fine for meee~!Ā 

How comfortable do you think you'd be drawing rubber duckies or just ducks in general? o;Ā 

It's not my specialty but i certainly do not mind trying ^^

Although the cord to my art tablet is broken atm and I supposedly won't be getting it until 6-9 days.Ā 

If you don't mind the wait I would gladly work something out with you!Ā 

I wouldn't mind one bit! :] Just message me back when you're ready haha!

Hey! The replacement came in, I'm ready! >:3

Wooo! :DĀ 

Can you draw me ... a robot duck? Completely random but i'd like to see how you'd approach it haha!

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Haha, if you want we can trade for it! ;}


It only took me 14 days but, could you perhaps draw any of these characters? /

or any of my friends oc'sĀ (if you do pick from here, keep it a secret! shh!)


N'awwww look at this! It turned out great \o/

Feel free to download the design and re-upload it on your end, and tell me so i can delete it from the bunch haha!

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