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vista_ridge1.png Senka vista_ridge1.png
Gender Female
Species Ridgeback
Element Shadow
Primary Gene Black Basic
Secondary Gene Black Current
Tertiary Gene Jungle Basic
Eye Type Uncommon
Skin/Accent Dullahan

shadowv2.pngshadowv2.png Senka was born in the Tangled Wood, but disappeared from the eyes of her original clan before she was even a week old. Creeping out of the shadows before the Amitola clan, she joined them in a mixture of curiosity and a desire for something new.

Senka is a powerful shadow mage, at her strongest in the darkness. Knowing the nature of the shadows and the twist and coil of dark energies, she uses her powers to protect and shield the Amitola clan from outside forces. Her body seems to trail shadows wherever she goes, and she suffers frequent nightmares. Some dragons believe that her constant use of dark magic may be negatively affecting her mental state.

When the massive portal connecting Shadow and Light was rediscovered, it gave Senka a sudden, unexpected moment of clarity. She says she's been feeling much better over the past week, able to think more clearly and get more done. Nobody's sure exactly why this happened or what it has to do with the portal, but Senka's not complaining.

Senka is quiet and cold, and speaks so little that her mere presence can unsettle new dragons. She's also remarkably sneaky without even realizing it, and tends to startle the others by merely showing up. Other dragons in touch with the shadows, like Penumbra, may be able to get through to her- though she doesn't have a warm heart, she doesn't mind having friends.

Though her eyes are naturally an uncommon variant of shadow eyes after using a Vial of Scattersight, on rare occasions she may grow furious enough for her eyes to briefly become Primal. This lasts for about a split second when it happens.

Resources on this template are by FR users osiem, Voratte, and PixelSpiral.