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Hi, I'm Ren! I'd appreciate if you read whichever of these feels relevant before interacting with my profile, failure to do so may result in me blocking you, or turning on a hard maturity block for my entire account. These don't necessarily apply to everyone so I've organized them into two drop-downs!

If you intend to offer on one of my characters, this is for you!

    • Don't offer on any of my characters, unless they are in the offer to adopt folder! I will also remove your favorite if you put them into folders labeled "dreamie." I'm not comfortable with strangers keeping tabs on whether I'm selling my personal characters. I won't do pinglists either. In addition, don't offer on characters that are marked as being on hold, or that are on Rennekin, my account where I store characters sold to offsite users.
    • Don't offer art or try to haggle on money-only adopts, chances are the price already is reduced as much as I'm comfortable with doing so. The only instance I'll consider giving more of a discount is if you want to buy multiple designs I have up at once. (I may allow friends/mutuals to offer art/designs if a design hasn't sold in a while though.) If a design is marked explicitly as if I'm selling it, it's fine to throw it into a "dreamie" folder if you really want. Its new owner may remove your favorite though if they aren't ok with that.
    • Don't offer me characters with arbitrary rules, such as any sort of art/setting/redesign restriction, mandatory crediting every time the design is in use, or clauses allowing the creator to "revoke" the design outside of a chargeback (which is illegal anyway). Even if I wouldn't break the art restriction anyway, I think it's silly because you don't own the character anymore.
    • Please be 18 years of age or older to offer money on an adoptable. If I am charged back because you lied about being underage (or for any other reason), you will break my ToS, I will resell the character to somebody else, and I will very likely publicly post a beware offsite. All ages are allowed to offer art though, if and only if I have stated I am taking art-only offers for an adoptable.

If my characters have sparked something creative in you, read this one!

    • Surprise gift art (SFW only) is okay, I appreciate that you want to draw my characters! However, some characters might be extremely personal (as in, representing my disorders or trauma) and have a warning not to draw them without asking first, or to stay within certain expressions.
    • NSFW gift art is okay only if I approve of the idea first. If you want to draw it, feel free to ask, but don't be surprised if I say a specific character or idea is off limits. I am not going to mark which characters are ok or not to draw NSFW of, that is something that will need to be asked about first.
    • Please do not heavily reference my characters to create your own. A little bit of healthy inspiration is fine! For example, I can't stop you from creating a moon themed shiny Sylveon if you like my moon themed shiny Sylveon character - hell, I'd probably love to see them hanging out together! But if they can be confused for the same character it'll upset me. (Plus, I do buy/draw NSFW of some of my characters... so if you're a minor I REALLY do not want one of your characters being confused with mine.)
Also, please do not send me callouts, I am not interested. Selling a character to someone =/= endorsement, and under my own ToS I cannot take a sold character back unless somebody files a chargeback.

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