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Catfish | "Brother"


Zookeeper is headstrong, cunning, and very smart. He is an advocate for taking back the Earth so the monsters can rule again, especially other sphinxes. He is judgmental and cynical, quick to dismiss things that do not have any use to him. He is objective oriented only, with a loud voice, intimidating glare, and the size to match. He commands very efficiently and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


Zookeeper was born the largest of his litter, and was quick to be a leader. Once he learned what happened to the monsters in the past to banish them to the monster realm, he was filled with vengeance. He committed himself to taking the earth back. He started a group, called the Crytons, that started to chip away at the barrier and leak onto Earth. He escaped through a large portal then took over the cave and abandoned castle the portal let him out into. He started the "zoo" to house the less intelligent monsters he planned to use when his plan worked.


A highland red sphinx, Zookeeper is very large with a heavy chest, developed muscles, and light red fur. Like all monsters, he has dark purplish-red markings swirling around his body. His back feet and face are a lighter pinkish white. He has long ears and tail, with a orange lion-like tuft on the end. He has a mane of thick featherlike fur that is yellow-orange in color. His blue claws are long and sharp. He has a boxy, catlike face, with flat blue teeth. He cannot close his lips over his teeth all the way, so he usually has a frozen grin on his face. He also has a short yellow beard. His eyes are wide and bright blue, with a horizontal pupil. unlike Catfish, he is too heavy to stand on two legs, though he can rear up.

Voice Claim/Theme Song: Toes - Glass Animals

Height: 7' 3''
Weight: 2400 lbs.
Age: 34
Species: Highland Red Sphinx
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Male