Amber Millard Lovett



4 years, 8 months ago



Daisy Lovett | Wife
Graveline Spoke | Best Friend
Nick Staroe | Nephew/Apprentice


Amber is a very strong, patient woman who doesn't back down easily. She is stubborn in her morals and is more of a silent observer. She is very reserved and quiet, not really talking about herself much. She doesn't trust easily and is always alert. She is very passionate, driven, and very confident in her abilities and skills that help her be an efficient guard. She is honest and loyal but very blunt, and doesn't sugarcoat stuff, and only cares about getting the truth. She can be very cold and distant at times, having trouble opening up to people or feeling completely safe in her environment. However, when she does trust, she does so deeply and loves with all her heart. She lives to protect those she cares about and can't stand seeing others in trouble or hurting. She is somewhat insecure about how she acts towards others, and sometimes gets fed up with the emotionless facade she has to put on for her job. She loves to unwind at the end of the day and spending time with those she loves most. When it comes to laws, she only cares about protecting everyone, and will ignore or rebel against rules if they stand in the way of someone's safety.


Amber is tall and strong, with broad shoulders and developed muscles. She has darker skin that is covered in scars, the most prominent being a broken nose, a scar across her left eye, a missing left arm, and a giant claw mark across her back. She also has light stretch marks on her stomach, thighs, and back. Her breasts are smaller, and she is stocky with little fat or bone showing. Her face is strong, with a sharp jaw, a large, round nose with a scar across the bent section. Her hair is very dark brown, and is usually styled in a subtle mohawk. Her eyes are dark forest green, and are very sharp with an intimidating glare. Her eyebrows are thicker and the left one is split by the scar. She has a tribal tattoo on her left arm that continues to her chest to create a symbol of an ox. She sometimes wears metal teeth guards when she gets into fights. Overall she holds herself strong with little room for weakness, with straight posture, and can stand still for long periods of time. 

Theme Song: Soldier, Poet, King - The Oh Hellos
Voice Claim: Lissy Trullie

Likes: eating meat, riding, a full day's work, rainy nights, quiet reading, friendly competition and fights
being lied to, cheaters, laziness, a messy home, feeling under-appreciated, and looking weak.

Occupation: Grand Guard/Personal Guard/Co-Duchess
Primary Drive: 
Protecting those she loves
Neutral Good
Other Names: 
Guard Louse, Amby (she hates that nickname, gravel gave it to her)

Height: 5' 11'' (1.8 m)
Weight: 160 lbs. (72.5 kg)
Age: 42
Species: Human (Uran)
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Sexuality: Lesbian