Salvador Wapenburg



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  •  Height 1.49M/4.8 feet
  • Build Small torso, long limbs
  • Eyes Blue
  • Skin White
  • Hair Honey blond.

  •  Charisma ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Kindness ★★☆☆☆
  • Strength ★☆☆☆☆
  • Dexterity ★★★★★
  • Stamina ★☆☆☆☆
  • Intelligence ★★★★☆



Salvador inherited all of the Wapenburg-family treats. He’s small, stubborn, blunt and blond. Salvador is a lone wolf with the social skills of a bogus. Salvador can't communicate at all, never tells anyone his plans, walks away mid-conversation and thinks he's always right. He’s always on time and hates it when people are late.
Salvador small frame makes him a good thief, he’s quick, dexterous as a weasel and has more courage and pride then brain. He never wants to admit it, but he loves being a thief. He lives for the thrill of stealing.


The son of a miner 

Salvador is born and raised in Malloweinde. A small village that lays in the big shadow of Drakenburg. Malloweinde is village divided in ‘acient-farmer-families’ and the new ‘mineworkers folk’. The Wapenburg family is the latter. Salvador’s dad worked in the Koningsmine, just like his father before him. Eventually, Salvador ends up in the mine as well, he’s 8 years old at his first workday.
He works there as a “Coalkid” a child that climbs and crawls in small places to collect the coal, where the adults couldn't reach. Even back then, Salvador was quick on his feet and a fantastic climber. Making him one of the best “Coalkids” in his shift.

He loses his dad in a mining accident. A shaft in the very same mine where Salvador works sets ablaze and his dad loses his life in the flames. Salvador wasn’t at work that day, he was sick. This was the first time that Salvador escaped death and not the last. Salvador was 11 years old back then.

After his dad made his Ebb to the sea (The way of burying people in their wold), Salvador took the full responsibility of keeping his family alive on his tiny 11-year-old shoulders. And so Salvador had his mother and little sister’s mouth to feed. Salvador’s mom was an ex-nurse, who survived a Bluefever infection, and was unable to work, thanks to her condition. Theodora, Sal’s sister was 4 years old back then. So Salvador worked harder, scrapping every penny he could. Until he died.

Just like his dad, Salvador died in a mine accident. Not a fire this time, but poor Sal got trapped between a collapsed shaft and a wall. When his collages found him, he was already dead. But when they carried his body to the surface, this lil weasel man respawned and cheated death once more.

Salvador is touched by the Void, a Half, a person with a half-life. Someone who died, but was bought back to the realm of the living by the Void that’s lingers in everything and everyone.
Halfs always have strange occultic powers, that relate to the way they died. Salvador has time-related powers, as he has been trapped with only his Dad’s old pocket watch and nothing else to think about.

It’s illegal for Halves to work, as they are deemed to be doomed and cursed. So long story short, Salvador got fired. Still, his family desperately needed some coins and being fired, jobless ánd cursed isn't really going to help you in that situation. Salvador’s mom, however, had some contacts in Drakenburg, and managed to arrange a job for him. In a gold-process factory, in the golden heart of Drakenburg.
He moved their. Leaving his mom and sister behind in Malloweinde, to start a new life in the last city of the North.

The Imp of Drakenburg 
It didn't take Salvador long to lose his legal not-so-legal job. Once word got out that a Halven was at work in the Hendricks-Factory, things went downhill and fast. Someone blackmailed Hendricks. Black-mailing that suggested that it was Salvador that spilled the beans (which isn't true, Sal knows nóthing about this). He gets fired, loses his apartment (like he lived in an apartment that was under Hendrick's name) and dwelled the streets. That is until Roswell confidently finds him. Roswell makes him an offer (he can't refuse), and Salvador joins his thieving guild. Just in time for the Crow's biggest Heist yet.


Salvador is a Half. Which means that he has occultic power, no 'normal' human should have. Salvador is able to manipulate time in one certain way. Everything his hand touches, (from his writs to his fingertips), ages really quick. This aging process starts at the exact point where Salvador's hand rest and slowly spreads itself over the entire object/organism. He can't rewind this 'magic' and can't 'shuts down' his powers.  He's cursed to live with some kind of Midas touch, but instead of getting some gold out of it, he only gets rotten fruit. 



Salvador takes himself pretty seriously often, and that's why he HATES things like nicknames. He's very proud of himself and thinks that giving nicknames to people is a way to diminish them. When people call him by his full name, not only salvador, he gets really proud of himself. - Gif

I feel as if Salvador misses the feeling of most plants on his fingers, such as the velvety petals of the rose, or the lush grass between his fingers. His 'Midas Touch' prevents him from feeling them in their normal state, and causes them to wilt into that familiar crusty, papery texture.- GalacticKarma

Because of Salvador's love of the concept of time, he tends to own a lot pocket watches. His first set of daggers are made of the clock hands he ripped off the clocktower in his home town...he dubbed them his "time keepers" and frames them. No one still can figure out where those clock hands went...- matlock99

Salvador can stand being called Imp, but when you start calling him "gremlin" or "manlet", that's where he draws the line. - Arvex

Salvador likes tidiness and feeling clean, so he will take a bath whenever it is necessary. Being in a crowd is slightly more bearable if the place is clean, and maybe he dabbles in making his own soap as well! - polkadot

Salvador compulsively cleans every single pocket watch he owns. They're all in mint condition due to that, even if the cleaning process takes up a whole chunk of his day. Also, Salvador finds himself in the zone when cleaning, and that's when he feels all the stress melt away. - polkadot

Salvador owns multiple watches (or time-telling devices) and he follows it to a tee. He only follows the time that his watch shows, so if you're a second late by his time, he's going to become mildly annoyed. He likes people who arrive earlier than late-comers. -muwi


Ambidextrous (Kinda forced), but prefers right.
Got a basic education (knows how to read, write and calculate easy sums)
Isn't a people person, but animals seem to like him.
Get's sick all the time.
Knows one single cardtrick, and is really proud of that fact.
His base of operation is located in the Old Church of Drakenburg. Ros pretends to run a soup kitchen there but tbh its just one big thiefden
His former boss chopped off his left index finger too mark him as a thief.


 Salvador Wapenburg.
572596?1520329227 RosFather

Roswell and Salvador bicker a lot. They learn how to trust one and other and develop a slow, but steady father/son kind of relationship, they both desperately needed in their life. (But will never admit it).

 Leika van der Khansen.
572597?1497130039 LeiBest friend

Leika and Salvador are friends right away. The loud and sometimes aggressive Easterling seems to be the perfect buddy for this small, quite, mustachioed lad. 


【 Accuracy 】

【 Damage 】

【 Dodge 】


  • Time
    Salvador is obsessed with time. He measures/plans every movement, every plan well.. Just everything accurate to the seconds.
  • Dancing
    Salvador is actually an average good dancer? Like this dude knows how to time his steps accurate to the seconds so dancing is.. Easy for him, but it lacks 'the heart'.
  • His scarf
    Well, it isn't /technically/ his scarf. His mom made him a blue one and his sister the red scarf he's wearing today. After Sal loses his own scarf. Ted gave hers to him. Salvador is almost never seen without this piece of clothing.


  • Peanuts
    Salvador is super allergic to peanuts. Like, super allergic. 'May contain traces of peanuts' is like a death threat for him.
  • Fighting
    Salvador doesn't like the smell of sweat and getting his asskicked. He's not really good in combat and prefers to sneak away at any given moment. Sal wields two daggers, but his technique is sloughing and bad. As he only 'learned' his"""fighting style"" by studying street thugs stabbing each other.
  • Crowds
    Salvador is the opposite of touch starved,
    'he's touch me and I die a little bit inside'. He got some form of agoraphobia and can't walk in (big or even small) crowds of people, without getting really scared and nauseous. Leading most of the time to vomit and crying.