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anyone on my acc? ^^

I didn't really see anyone I'd use much, so sorry! But I am willing to take art for them? Idk if you'd be down with that? ^u^

id be willing to do art! just name what you’d think is fair for him :0

Would you be ok with a half body like the ones under your art tab? ^o^ 

Like these:



of course !

Awesome! ^u^/

I'll go ahead and send you a note with the ref of the character you can draw <3

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anyone on my profile or in here for a trade? https://toyhou.se/emyy/characters/folder:1375365

i could possibly do multiple characters for him if you like a few! 

Ahh you have so many cute characters! Sadly i didn't really see anyone i'd use much, i'm so sorry! QuQ i do appreciate the offer though! <3

aw thats alright! any chance you’d look at art offers? maybe customs too? its fine if not úwù

Sadly just Characters, so sorry! QoQ;

If I ever decide to take art, I'd totally let you know <3

alrighty <3 thank you :3