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【 Name 】Valentina de La Rosa 
【 Age 】18
【 Gender 】Female
【 Species 】Human
【 Alignment 】Lawful Good
【 Status 】Taken
【 Theme Song 】


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Current Life

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  • Valentina is part of the Galaxy Garrison.
  • Valentina is bilingual! She speaks English and Spanish. Her first language is English, however.
  • Valentina loves to flirt with boys, however she curves them as soon as they try to get closer. Her curve game is incredibly strong- she sometimes even accidentally curves Lance sometimes.
  • Valentina is super goofy and carefree, and loves stupid puns and finger guns.
  • After spending long periods of time in space, she get's 'space vertigo'; the act of forgetting about anti-gravity and just dropping things thinking that they'll stay mid air.
  • She absolutely loves home-cooked meals and if you don't enjoy what she makes for you she forces you to eat it anyway! She won't have you wasting food!
  • When Valentina speaks spanish and forgets a complicated word, she will just use the english phrase for it casually mid-conversation.

Artist Tips

  • I have a lot of art in her in her garrison uniform so please don't draw her in her garrison uniform unless I ask! Please draw her in her casual outfit!
  • Please remember that her braid goes down to her hips!
  • Allura is a good reference for drawing her facial features and face shape.
  • Please don't draw big lips on her- she has small lips!

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