Esmer Hartz



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Esmer Hartz


Male (He/Him)


22 ( DoB: Winter 17)



Rose Pointe

Honduran White bat

Trigger emotion: Love

Esmer is a seamstress living in the lovely city of Elowynn, who decided to take a different path than his family ditching working on the great pomegranate family farm to make a living sewing the most unique and exquisite pieces for the city citizens. ( You can see more of his story in the biography section (book icon) , For Roleplay Information read this page )


Extroverted Introverted
Instinctive Calculated
Deceptive Sincere
Indifferent Emotional
Reserved Affectionate








  • Passionate
  • Energetic
  • Warm
  • Night Owl
  • Distant
  • Melancholic
  • Distrustful


Esmer is mellow in the morning and energetic in the evening, making him do most of his activities at night. He likes to try his best on his work and hobbies, always seeking new methods for his endeavours. His interations with others are conducted with a very calm and collected manner since he has a very big emotional distance with strangers, on contrast, he is a warm, energetic and sweet person with his friends and family.


  • Wakes in the early afternoon
  • Likes to go to the library and to a cooffe shop afterwards
  • Makes a blanket tent to hide when stressed
  • He often injures himself sewing
  • So it's common to see his hands covered in bright colored bandaids


Favorite food: Pomegranate

Favorite drink: Juice

Favorite scent: Soft/Floral

Favorite color: Content

Favorite flower:


Favorite season: Spring (May)

Favorite number: 9

Favorite music: Dance Pop


  • Cozy Things
  • Soft Colors
  • Stargazing
  • Exquisite Flowers


  • Overly sour things
  • Harsh Light
  • Loud Noises
  • Romantic Relationaships


  • Classical Dances
  • Sewing


Coming from a fairly well background Esmer had a healthy childhood, he was very close to his family and often played with his cousins. His lovely family didn't demanded too much of him, the only golden rule was that every child of their lineage needed to follow was that anybody in the family needed to continue the legacy of their pomegranate business.

For his dismay Esmer found that he doesn’t had a green thumb like his mother or was good managing a farm like his father. The farm seemed to have no space for him. Distressed from the perspective of not being able to fit in, Esmer jumped from hobby to hobby with the hope that something would help him to find his path, anything that helped him in continuing being part of his family.

It was a raining day when Esmer finally found what he liked to do, he was working on one of his mother’s dresses when he noticed the distinctive happy feeling that sewing gave to him.

His discovery marked the beginning of his falling out with his family. All the support and love that Esmer received was gone the moment that he didn’t obeyed his parents.

Now, with only his friends as support, a room in the Rose Pointe building and a job in one of Elowynn’s boutiques, Esmer is searching for happiness with his newfound liberty.


Current Life

Having sensible eyes Esmer prefer to start his day at afternoon or evening, you can see him doing errands in the late afternoon, checking up with his friends or doing a dance class in the evening and sewing on the remaining night hours.

Sometimes you can see him reminiscing about his situation in his balcony, looking at the stars him a longing look in his eyes.

Esmer's Love Life Problems

Love is always a complex affair, but for someone that couldn’t hide their interest the felling is twice as hard. At the beginning, no one could understand Esmer’s hybrid transformation pattern, the only clue being that his bat ears would sometimes appear after gestures of affection.

Only when Esmer had his first love he figured out his trigger emotion: love, his animal part would appear when he has with his significant other, a cute thing if it doesn’t attracted problems for him.

Being innocent, Esmer founded himself in abusive relationships very often. Most of his partners seeing the obvious sign of his attraction would wide in delicate gests and lovely smiles until they were comfortable enough to start with their manipulation.

After his most troublesome break up he lost the faith in romantic relationships, negating having romantic sentiments on anyone for his own protection. Despite that he is open to having physical relationships like friends with benefits.


Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love

Love Life

Esmer's romantic relationaships are superficial, a warm bed is suffient for him

Set it Off - Want


Representing his troubled relationships

Set it Off - Different Songs

Love Life

Break up song

Dua Lipa - Swan Song


Representing new beginnings

Galdive - Lotus

Love Life

Falling in Love

Secret garden - Silent Wings


For lonely nights

Carpe Diem.

About his work

Doing new clothes is great when I don't accidentally pierce myself with the needle.

About his Love life

It's better to not ask me about this.