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【 Name 】 Vivi Riven Lumiarl【 Called 】 Vivi
【 Age 】 15【 D.o.B. 】 1st of Rayrise
【 Gender 】 Female【 Orientation 】 Straight
【 Hair / Eyes 】 Light Blue / Dark Blue【 Height / Weight 】 5' 6" / 127 pounds
【 Heart / Goddess 】 Light & Water / Pearl Empress【 Phrase 】 "Mercy me!"
【 Origin 】 Allunatia【 Species/Race 】 Human

About Vivi

At Home

Home City: Isabelline
Works As: Priestess at the Shard of the White Pearl, Eradea
Dream: To be a Warrior Priestess and explore the world

Living Family

Maternal Grandmother: Valora Raven Lucenarl (blue hair, amber eyes, 88)
Mom: Vivian Raven Lumiarl (blue hair/eyes, 42)
Dad: Draden Lux Lumiond (blond hair, blue eyes, 43)
Brother: Drixen Lex Lumiire (blue hair/eyes, 17)
Sister: Vael Riven Lumiose (blond hair, blue eyes, 8)
Sister: Vara Riven Lumiond (blue hair/eyes, 4)
Family Pet: Delilah, the Golden Retriever

Other Acquaintences

Best Friend: Abel Gray Shinnond (black hair, green eyes, 16)

【 Favorites 】
  • Foods: Seafoods, Salads
  • Colors: Blue, Gold, White
  • Activities: Fishing, Dancing, Flower Arrangements
  • Weather: Hot and Sunny
  • Fashion: Loose Fitting or Flowy, Bare Legs
  • Chores: Gardening
  • Creatures: Any Bird, Dogs, Cats
【 Most Hated 】
  • Foods: Ham, Beans, Any Raw Red Meats
  • Colors: Black
  • Activities: Singing
  • Weather: Cold or Overcast
  • Fashion: Pants or Tight Dresses
  • Chores: Dishes and Cooking
  • Creatures: Creepy Crawlies!!
【 Fears 】
  • Heights
  • Spiders
  • Dying as anything but a Hero

Life in General

Vivian and Draden married and, using the rank Vivian has as a Temple Priestess of The Pearl Empress, bought some land where Draden can farm and butcher cattle. Vivian spends most of her time at the Temple and Draden spends his on the farm, and while they weren't the closest of couples, they managed to have four children in the course of their marriage. When they had their firstborn, a son, Draden claimed him for the farm. Their second born, a girl, Vivian claimed for the temple. They were satisfied with two children but ended up with two more daughters who work the farm with their father.

Vivi was mostly raised by her mother in the temple wearing gowns and robes, dancing, and learning the ways of the Pearl Empress from her mother and grandmother. She was allowed to be a free spirit and a dreamer, and she excelled in that area. Vivi didn't much care for the temple life with so many rules to follow, but she loves and respects her mother and grandmother so tries her hardest to mind and learn her lessons. She loves her Pearl Empress and takes a great deal of pride in working for her and helping to make her greater than ever.

Vivi likes to sneak out and have a "real life adventure" as she says and explores the city of Isabelline with her best friend, Abel. Abel also feels a little stifled in his life as a sheepdog trainer, and he put the idea of being a heroic adventurer into Vivi's head.
【 Likes 】
  • Exploring
  • Dancing
  • Arranging flowers for the temple
  • Sneaking out and breaking the rules
【 Dislikes 】
  • Being told what to do
  • Working the farm / being dirty
【 Hobbies 】
  • Dancing and playing the Flute
  • Gardening
  • Fishing



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If ever there was a person who complimented my inner thoughts and desires, it is Abel. We do all the shenanigans and get in all the trouble!

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