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 Azreal Yang

Azreal is a love interest in my Visual Novel~!6024450_rWJ_1684554.png?15665908326289677_cUTZfUT1giQXVTv.gif52tHkwV.pngWARNING: Azreal's profile contains minor spoilers for Written in the Stars
NOTE:Do not copy / trace / kin with him or his design.
NOTE 2:  The WitS cast all exist within the main universe as does the WitS story. Main Universe Azreal is also mentioned here.

NOTE 3: Please do not assume things based on his listed species. 
❥ Name: Azreal Caius Yang

❥ Birthday: March 8th (Age 23) / (1994 in Main Universe)

❥ Marital Status: Single

❥ Nationality: Unknown (Japanese / Korean ancestry)


❥ Favourite Food:  Ika Karaage

❥ Hobby: Drawing / Reading / Eating

❥ Family: None

❥ Race: Unknown (Assumed to be a demon)

Family: Unnamed older sister, Unnamed younger sister

"I am your only danger. Stay close to me, I'll keep you safe."
WitS Story: After Seraphina has tried time and time again, she finally has the opportunity to publish her graphic novel with the help of an inflexible editor that wants her to change the fundamentals of her childhood story. Seraphina had sold her soul for the project she had long since fallen out of love with and began to despise the characters she had created. Picking up her necklace, Seraphina is burned before a bright light transports her to the world she had learned to hate.You can read / play Written in the Stars for free here!

Azreal's Bio
Azreal is an assumed Demon and creation of Seraphina. He is the most powerless character in her story and is bound to her key pendent for his own protection. Though his past is relatively unknown, Azreal doesn't have the grasp on basic Kingdom knowledge such as the legal system or the general layout, often finding new things to show Seraphina. He wears a collar with a three linked chain and a crescent moon, binding him to Ember's key that she wears around his neck. Though he's grateful that Ember once saved his live, Azreal is quick to complain about his circumstance. Because he's bound to the key, Azreal isn't allowed to go far without it and has to generally stay with its holder in order to avoid dying himself. Learning about demonism, however, Seraphina discovers that setting him free will likely create chaos, destroying the town in anger. Demons in-universe are said to be liars who can't feel attachment or affection, which causes Azreal to over-exaggerate reactions to food he enjoys eating to try to be seen as normal.
When Seraphina meets Azreal, he quickly recognizes that she's the world's creator and asks very few questions.
He's one of the romantic interests in my game, Written in the Stars (Under development)

 "Can I go? 'Girl's time' is too intense for me."
8884645_c3MY3bm2VWsZY6s.gifIn public Azreal acts aloof, hotheaded and plays his role as the tough guy. He plays mean jokes, apologizing for them later, and gets angry very quickly. He is actually rather sentimental and can be a bit immature when in private, often fighting with Seraphina or doing small things that mean a lot. Even though he acts tough and angry, Azreal is rather easy-going when he needs to be even though he always makes a point to complain about it.Though he regularly gets angry, Azreal gets emotional over things like food or books, but rarely shows any attachment to other people.Even though he prefers to be dominant in his relationships, Azreal is otherwise pretty easy going. He can lead around romantic interests but still do what they want to do without submitting.
It's clear that Azreal is well-known in the town, especially in the food places. He's regarded to be very attractive by the rest of the town but he doesn't care much

"Come find me whenever you're unable to smile, I'll give you a reason."
  • Azreal was supposed to have red tied-up hair but deviantart voted black and it turned out amazingly.

  • His eyes are gold naturally but appear red in some lights. When using certain abilities, his eyes turn red and can sometimes glow.

  • Azreal is pretty tall, but he hates the fact that Angelo is taller than him.

  • When not chained to the key, he has the ability to summon familiars

  • When writing him, I often forget the large points of his story which caused me to have to go back and fix contradictions.

  • Azreal loves Pokemon and his favourite is Houndoom and Jigglypuff Incineroar

  • Though he's really heavily into fandoms, Azreal is also passionate about sports. He was a track star in high school. Though he could have had popularity, he chose to read alone during his breaks.

  • The stars on his horns glint in the light. They appear almost glass or crystal-like upclose within his horn

  • Azreal loves the crime (and Romance) genre. He loves Agatha Christie, Phoenix Wright, Danganronpa. He also watches murder she wrote oTL

  • Azreal loves Harry Potter but he can never be put into a house because of his vast personality. He identifies as a Ravenclaw, even though he's been sorted into Hufflepuff.

  • Azreal's concept art had pointy demon horns and long red hair with facial tattoos

  •  Like most of the inhabitants of the world, Azreal can temporarily sprout wings. His wings are feathered but it's unknown what colour they are.

  • Azreal can use Ember's key as a gateway to teleport places if he has her help

  • He is chained to her key and is unable to travel far without her. Touching the key will burn him.

  • Azreal's name is a misspelling of the name "Azrael". This is because Seraphina misread it as a kid.

  • In the main universe, the story of WitS is a Fictional series using real people. Instead of existing in an alternate universe, the four main characters exist in the modern world. In this timeline, Azreal has long since been released from Seraphina but lives in the same apartment building as her and Angelo. Though Azreal x Seraphina are canon in the Fiction, Seraphina is romantic with Angelo. Azreal and Seraphina are friends who worked on a drama together. Seraphina is Brenda's half-sister so she is friendly with the main family. Azreal and Roxie are friends.

  • Azreal doesn't believe in ghosts, but if he accidentally finds himself in the midst of doing something or thinking about something to do with summoning games, he'll preform the ritual to end the game (i.e. Thinking about Dharuma-San while washing his hair, he'll do the "cut you loose". Or if he starts in the elevator going to the floors of the elevator game, He'll go back down to floor 1 before going to the floor he needs to.)

  • Azreal's route was written after Angelo's since I was worried he would get more effort

  • His original considered names were Azreal, Ryuu, Jin, Tadashi, Caius, Aero, Shou, Titus

  • He finds it difficult to lie, even though he has to in order to survive.

  • He's loosely based on a guy named "Jason" from a continuing series of dreams I've had. 
  • [NSFW] Even though  he's  somewhat easy going during the day, Azreal is a top and very assertive in bed.  He doesn't like to be bossed around and enjoys pleasuring others.

  • [NSFW] Azreal is a sexual sadist. He enjoys intense  sessions of BDSM

  • [NSFW] Azreal has had many sexual partners, but has never had unprotected sex

Forum Games
"Devote yourself to me, and I'll show you new realms of bliss."
8599610_k4KYecJbo.pngQuestions and Answers:
  • Q: what sort of things does azreal like to draw/read ??? 
    A: He's a doodler most of the time, so he'll sketch small dumb looking faces on important documents but he lost his drive for artwork a long time ago. He's incredibly talented but his style is heavily associated with a more feminine type of media which he's self-conscious about (He likes to draw cute things). He's a gifted artist in drawn and painted works, but he wastes his talent. The only time he'll draw is if he gets super invested in a book and wants to draw how he imagines the characters. He struggles with backgrounds though so he often sticks to solid colours. Digital art does exist in his world, but he likes the smell of paper and tends to draw and ink traditionally
    As for reading, he's the type that could go years without reading then disappear for a few days just reading every book in sight. Reading gives him control so he only resorts to it when he needs comfort or needs to escape. He's also a super messy reader-- he leaves books on the ground and the librarians have to pick up after him. He doesn't really like scifi but he likes a good fairytale.  He's really into short stories and novels but he can read the dictionary and not get bored.  (

Accepted Headcanons:

  • "Even though he knows it's not going to give him a solid answer, Azreal has taken every single Harry Potter house sorting quiz there is, both official and unofficial. Also when that Harry Potter app came out, he was hooked IMMEDIATELY. He wouldn't put it down for the entire first day he downloaded it." -- ChickieDee

  • Azreal has a secret, hidden collection of rubber duckies. He will buy one whenever he's able, or even take them when people aren't looking. He doesn't like them much, but whenever Seraphina is sad, she always wonders how rubber ducks will keep appearing until she starts smiling again. --packofdax

  • "He definitely owns some Ravenclaw clothing merch, which he will wear during casual days, especially around the house or while outside." --teddiebearie

  • "He probably heard at some point that humans moan when pleasured and assumed the same went for food, and imitated them when next eating food. It took him a while to understand why people kept giving him disturbed glances." (Accepted for a previous iteration of Azreal-- not the current version that Seraphina meets) --teddiebearie

  • "He has a huge collection of books about magic, especially high/urban magic. He has yet to find any he enjoys as much as Harry Potter, though." --teddiebearie

  • "He knows how to fluently speak and write Korean, Canadian French and English. Sometimes, when he’s not paying too much attention, he’ll switch from English to Korean or French and not notice until the person he’s talking to lets him know." --teddiebearie

  • He refuses to show it but he tends to get excited when he learns new things about the world. Part of the reason he hides it is his natural stubbornness, the other part is the expectation/stereotype that others expect of him as a demon. His public persona of cool and aloof is also a result of this. -- Kane

  • He’s fully aware that it bothers Seraphina that demons and angels aren't able to fall in love. Sometimes he tries to fake the behaviors of love and attraction from observing her just as he exaggerates his reaction to food: maybe out of pity[...] -- Kane

  • Though he refuses to admit it Azreal cares greatly about how others view him, and his behavior tends to center around either conforming to expectations of him/his species or coming off as normal. You could almost say he’s a natural-born actor. -- Kane

  • He’s absolutely terrified of the thought of total rejection of his self: hence his public persona and lack of attachment. -- Kane

  • The thought of a night reading Harry Potter is significantly more appealing to him than sexual intimacy. He won’t argue about having both though. -- Kane

  • He has a deep fear that if he were ever released he would utterly lose his identity, emotions, and that close thing he has sembling humanity to his [...] primal urges, and chaos. He has extremely vivid and lucid nightmares of it every so often. -- Kane

  • He likes to give Seraphina crap for his ‘boring backstory’, but if she ever offered to change it for him he would probably refuse. Maybe at one point prior to meeting her he might have agreed to it, but after growing closer to her through his route he may wonder if she would still have chosen him if he ever became someone else. --Kane

  •  He often studies other demons to learn how they act so he can 'fit in' as a demon and be seen as normal. It's almost like stalking but he knows when to stop. If he gets caught he gets really flustered. He honestly just wants to fit in. -- ShiroKetsuki

  • He'd probably come up with lots of cutsey nicknames for things like characters in books and Seraphina and maybe everyday things but he'd never use them outloud. also he'd probably cry over a characters death. Also maybe like if something in a book happened that was total bs maybe he'd throw it then really regret it and check it to make sure he didn't damage it. --Luciela

  • When reading a book he will become entirely too invested in it, perhaps more so on one particular character, and when things go terribly horribly wrong to the point of his own feelings sky rocketing out of his chest, he’ll put the book down and away, unable to read it anymore. Sometimes the book will remain unfinished for months until he has the courage to continue and face whatever heartache he knows awaits him, or remain unfinished forever (though this one is a very rare occurrence). -- AuroraCelest

  • When he first went to Harry Potter world he was enthralled, fully immersing himself in the experience. He went wild when picking a wand, and left the park with many new ravenclaw items that he treasures and uses often. -- AuroraCelest
Romance with Roxie
"Let's pretend... just for a moment."
Though his inevitable onscreen romance with Seraphina, Azreal and Roxie worked closely together for her project. Even though he initially seemd rather cold, his friendship with Kawa and her husband resulted in his friendship blossoming with her. In the midst of her depressive episode, Azreal found Roxie and took her back to his apartment here he cared for her and made sure she was safe. The two knew each other in high school, though he was often on his own reading. They spent time together on their spares.
Even though Roxie has feelings for Azreal, he doesn't return them very readily. He cares for her but doesn't accept his romantic interests
Written in the Stars vs. Main Universe
Written in the Stars is a work of fiction within the main universe.  

Azreal in the main universe is actually a hybrid of humanoid species and is therefore outcast.

Azreal gets along with Angelo and Seraphina in the main universe but he doesn't have romantic feelings towards either of them.

Azreal is obsessed with fried things in WitS but he actually doesn't mind sweets in the MU.

Azreal communicates primarily in Japanese at home rather than English or Korean.

 Fried foods
❥ Going for runs
❥ Crime: Agatha Christie, Phoenix Wright, Danganronpa, Murder she Wrote
 Having his head scratched / stroked
❥ Basketball and Hockey

Board Games


❥ The library, Reading
❥ Black coffee
❥  Fancy Body Washes
❥ Harry Potter ❥ Howl's moving castle, the house with a clock in its walls, Steven Universe
❥ Coming up with nicknames
❥ Angelo's cooking
❥ [NSFW] Sex / BDSM / Pleasure in general (incl. food)
❥ Caramel

People who push against him

Making people angry

❥ Sci-fi (It goes over his head)

❥ Things that are too sweet

❥ Grocery Shopping

❥ Crepes

❥ Public pools

❥ Royalty

❥ Seeing things that upset his friends
❥ Trying to cook
❥ Being confused for another occult state (Seraphina often refers to him as a Zombie, Vampire or Werewolf)
❥ People assuming things about him
❥ When his pranks hurt someone / go awry
❥ When his plants die (which they do a lot lol)

"You better have brought food. What else are humans good for?"
Seraphina Lazuli
Relation:  Creator / Protected by / Potential romantic partner (WitS)
Relationship: Seraphina supposedly created Azreal. Upon meeting her, Azreal wasn't surprised and in fact started to blame her for his lame backstory. Though she falls in love with him, she discovers that demons and angels aren't able to fall in love much to her dismay.
Angelo D'Angelas1695215?Relation:  Unknown
Relationship: Azreal and Angelo know each other well, but their relationship is never clear. They call each other mean nicknames but they appear to be close.
Roxie Matalic
(MAIN UNIVERSE ONLY)970605?1529363778
Relation:  High school friend / Romantic interest
Relationship: Azreal and Roxie met in high school and later became close friends as Adults. The two talk regularly through text and group messenger but their friendship only took off once Roxie tried to run away and Azreal found her 'swimming' in a pond (Roxie's weird and just wanted to not breathe for a while to see how long she could be underwater... kinda). He relates strongly to her neurotic moods wings and her behaviour and often tries to look over her to make sure she's safe during her episodes. Though he shows little interest in her, Roxie has feelings for Azreal.