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Basic info

Cedric Mulder
Cedric (everyone), Nicolaas (by Letitia and Jimmy), Nick, Nico, Rick (by Jimmy), hothead ( by Inigo),
Blood type
Type A
Bisexual (Male leaning)
178 cm
10 January
Associated animal
Leafy seadragon

Skills and fighting style


Frae’s blessing and curse
His body can heal itself no matter what.
No pulled punches
He can punch someone really well.


Cedric's style of fighting is slow melee with restricted movement but heavy impact. His coat usually gets in the way but it doesn't matter, once his fist reaches your face it's game over. The restricted movement comes from the fact that he wants to keep up the "illusion" that he's a middle-aged man (physically) while also not having great reflexes. Cedric makes up for it with a very nifty and helpful ability: being able to instantly recover from any type of physical harm. While he can still very much experience pain, it doesn't bother him as long as it doesn't go on for too long. The recover ability causes him to go back to his old state, thus being unable to learn any reflexes and damage his nerves. Though the reflexes he has gotten before he turned into a hybrid is something he still retains, so Cedric still does have some basic ones.

Cedric also has a personal code of honour. He flat-out refuses to use any weapons, especially guns or anything else that would enhance him in combat. Cedric believes that if he would use something like that, it would be unfair and make him a coward.

His main weakness is other people outrunning him or getting hit for too long, making him mentally exhausted. Cedric also tends to worry a lot about his peers being left behind so if they are unable to continue to fight, he will retreat with them unless he really, really hates the person he's put up against. If Cedric is in a blind rage, he's almost nearly unstoppable and will have a signficantly higher tolerance for pain and push himself to the limit. Trying to calm him down will have no use since he simply wants to get rid of that one person. But again, the chance of that happening to Cedric is almost close to non-existent.

Due to his nature as a hybrid, Cedric can do some minor shape-shifting and alter his body. However, this can be physically extremely painful for him depending how much he has to change his body. For example, changing hair colour doesn't hurt Cedric at all while altering his body-shape in a drastic way would be hellish. Because of this he mostly abstains from it, though he has to manually take care of himself to make him appear as if he's aging naturally.

Quirks and physical appearance

The most notable feature about Cedric's face is his signature thick eyebrows. Unintentionally, it makes him look as if he's permanently frowning and/or annoyed causing others to be more cautious. Though he has considered altering it, Cedric is simply too attached to them and wouldn't feel like himself if he ever got rid of them.

Cedric's hair is also said to be standing out according to the people around him. His hair is greying a little, making him seem slightly older than he actually is. Despite his efforts to keep his hair neat and proper, there's always some hairs sticking out (much to his own chagrin).

Rarely dressing in anything other than work clothes, Cedric prefers suits and ties. Once in a while he will wear his shirt in a more casual manner but that's where it pretty much ends. He's not a fan of expensive brands either, preferring his suits to be somewhat comfy.

Something to note however is his fondness for ridiculously long coats. Cedric believes firmly that wearing one of these is "cool" and that it makes him look more intimidating. Most have stopped questioning why he wears one of these in the first place though they do admit that they find it funny to see him trip over his own coat.


A detective for the Organization. He was Monika and Noe's mentor. Cedric often scolds people when they're too reckless, although he does has a hidden soft spot for the ones he cares about. Cedric can be a little bit too stern at times, but excels at physical combat and is respected among his peers.

Back in his younger years, Cedric used to be seen as an icon and role model. Everyone always looked up to him, worshipped as a paragon of virtue. He always tried his hardest to come off as the ideal hero, especially since the Organization he worked for was on the rise.

Cedric didn't think of himself in that way. But it didn't matter, if this pleased everyone then he was happy to play along. The people around him were the ones he loved and he was rising in the ranks. And yet... it felt as if something was missing. Cedric didn't know what he exactly longed, especially since he already had everything could wish for. After a certain mission, right before a big promotion, Cedric finally figured it out and told Inigo about it.

Cedric knew in the back of his head that he would respond like this. But it went farther than that. Inigo was in panic by the thought of losing him, they had worked so hard together after all. All Cedric wanted was to relegate himself, to have a normal job and live a normal life. When he heard the words coming from Inigo's mouth, his true feelings on the matter, he felt hurt. Inigo couldn't have known it but everything Cedric has done to rebuild himself over the years was shattered by a simple sentence.

He went through with his decision and bid Inigo farewell. Feelings of love turned into doubt, was Cedric even worthy of it? Was he deserving of happiness? Though he wasn't completely alone, Cedric tried his hardest to feel alive, to capture that feeling of love again even if it was fleeting. Though people did notice slight changes in his personality, the most notable one was him becoming more stoic. But letting go of Inigo was a double-edged sword: he was able to grow in different areas and both of them grew as people.

He was minding his own business, until a big scandal came to light. Though it was nothing major to most adults, parents were shocked to hear that the so-called idol of their children turned out to have been "busy" with his colleagues. The Organization stopped promoting Cedric altogether though he didn't mind it too much since he was finally able to live his own life in peace and be outside of the spotlight.

...But not for too long! Reluctantly, Cedric returned to his old job as a detective and is in charge of the Cress case, having to hunt him down because of suspected [CONFIDENTIAL]. Through this case, he has to work with Inigo again. Though Cedric wants to befriend him again, he's not entirely sure about it.


Cedric has two personas, so to speak. The more public one leans more on the side of being stern and cold with a few moments of warmth sprinkled through. He can be tough to deal with but in the end it's clear that he's passionate about what he does and that he loves those close to him very dearly, even if he sometimes gets a little bit too harsh on them. Because of this, some people have compared him to a "dad". Even with Frae always around to taunt him, Cedric very rarely drops this persona.

The other and more personal persona is incredibly defensive but frail at the same time. It's hard to push him to the edge and get him to show his true colours due to his outward stoic behaviour. Cedric gets extremely angry and easily irritatible as mechanism to protect himself from getting hurt but at the same time it can manifest as him opening up and showing a more caring side of himself that just wants to share his feelings with others. The latter is extremely rare due to Cedric thinking that he can get easily get hurt if he exposes his true colours. Even those who consider themselves close to him often don't get to see this part of him.

Trivia and headcanons

  • He has a scooter and loves it dearly.
  • Cedric has extensive knowledge on bugs and plants. He likes gardening.
  • Cedric is still a karaoke fanatic and sings in the car whenever he can.
  • Despite not going to parties, Cedric can be often seen with a colleague after work.
  • He has the tendency to lose his watch.