Cedric (Band AU)



1 year, 6 months ago


"I always wanted this."

Cedric always wanted this. After convincing Inigo to start a group called "Platinum duo", things went uphill for him. He gained a massive fanbase, consisting of loyal fans that will defend him on anything. This baffles the critics because Cedric's singing is actually horrid Nevertheless, he seems to be oblivious about that and just continues singing. Cedric is also in charge of producing and writing the songs which have...questionable lyrics, at best. In the end, he gets to do what he loves the most; singing alongside Inigo.

Fun facts:

Cedric asked Inigo to become a part of his group because he didn't want to go alone into the music industry. He actually could've been succesful just on his own but he refuses to start a solo career.

He covers songs too, like the hamsterdance and everytime we touch.

Cedric also picks the outfits that he and Inigo wear. Needless to say, Inigo hates them.