Cedric's Comments

>.>>>>> sessy

Very snazzy dude! I love the coats!! Coats are awesome.

Yes, everything is better with more coats. Jokes aside, thank you so much <3

My pleasure, mate! Keep on being the handsome rogue you are. ;)


god damn I love older characters.

Same tbh

i love

Haze eyed the old man critically. "Hmm. Professional and capable. You seem like a reliable ally." He inclined his head. "Perhaps we could work together sometime."

Cedric looked at Sehazeon. He had no way of knowing about his real age, so he just ended up being really confused.

"...Aren't you just a child? I don't think there is much work that we can do."

Age 78 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Cedric is at his peak hotness levels when he's a savvy old man     

So like Cedric is totally one of my top favs of your ocs, bc of his personality and bc he's attractive.  But I saw the young cedric tab.  I saw that shit.  I didn't know he was attractive when he was young TOO.  I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP,,


I can't believe Cedric has a fanclub now.

I love this grumpy old man

Oh gosh, I bet he had his hands full mentoring Monika and Tough McNuggies. The three of them seem like they'd be hilarious together! I'm also glad Cedric had a pompadour when he was younger, that seems like the kind of thing his colleagues might bring up to embarrass him from time to time. He looked cool with it, though! I hope his plants do well. Is he good at gardening or sometimes clumsy?

He's usually the straight man of the two, haha. His colleagues do know about it and unsurprisingly, he is ashamed of it. He tries really, really hard to hide it. He's actually fairly good at gardening, but often makes minor mistakes since he usually doesn't have the time to do it.

Ahhhh, his plants are in good hands!