Benjamin Morris



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Alias Ben Gender Male
Sexuality Gay Height 6'2" (188cm)
Birthday Dec 22, 1979 Age 33...?
do you see that part where he's not white. remember that part.
See that part where he's not white? Remember that part.

Only his body hair, including his eyebrows, are their natural brown color. The hair on his head is dyed a vibrant teal, with the undercut being a slightly desaturated blue-green-ish color. The length in front can vary somewhat; when it gets too long, he may tie it up in a bun/topknot, though this is rare.

His dress style is a mix of punk, street style, and a bit of modern goth; he likes to wear dark or desaturated colours for the most part along with some white. He changes his jewelry often, including the placement of his many piercings thanks to his rapid healing. Ben's earlobes are stretched and he sports an impressive collection of plugs of all shapes and sizes. He can often be seen with a set of dogtags hanging from his neck, which carry special significance.

There are some variations in his appearance between his human and vampire forms (which he can shift between at will):
Human Vampire
Brown Eyes, normal pupils Golden eyes, slight glow, slit pupils
None of that → Slightly pointed ears, claws, fangs (top and bottom, replacing only the canines)

Loyal    Protective    upbeat    promiscuous

Despite his somewhat-intimidating resting face, Ben is generally a very pleasant, chill person who loves cracking jokes and having a good time. He's driven by a strong moral code (which really just boils down to "kill cops, eat nazis, smoke weed") and is fiercely protective of his friends.

Ben grew up in a strictly religious midwestern household, which he promptly fled as soon as he was old enough. After hitting rock bottom in his early thirties, he finally began to turn his life around after becoming a vampire; dying, he said, really woke him up to just how badly he needed to get his shit together. Now, he floats between odd jobs and sex work, and has a stage persona for stripping best described as "an absolute fuckboy."

Likes Dislikes
  Heights   Cops
  Dad jokes   Cold weather
  Reptiles   Beer
  Party drugs   Vampire fiction

The Deadmen Gang is the name given by the media to Ben's crew, who function as a black bloc/vigilante group dedicated to protecting people from fascist violence, among other things.

It began by accident, when Ben met Nox while both were pulling victims from a group of, as Nox explains it, "fuckin' Nazi thugs." From then on, when either would spot fascist gangs in their area, they would take it as an opportunity to cause a little chaos, and get a bite to eat in the process.

Their name came when Rat Baby joined and started tagging their group's joke name (Deadmen, taken from both Ben & Nox being undead) over or near their victims. A local media outlet picked it up and started referring to them as the "Deadmen Gang." Rat Baby noted that it could be shortened to "DMG," (common shorthand for "damage" in videogames), which sold them on keeping it officially.

While they've had their fair share of imitators, the actual core group is small, and limited mostly to other undead, monsters/supernatural creatures, and a few humans with special powers. None are known publicly as members.

Ben is featured in the following stories, in chronological order:

Content warnings: gruesome imagery and mentions of drug use.
Ben wakes up face down in bloody gravel, but what does it mean?

Move On
Content warnings: mature themes.
So, he's dead? Yes? No? Maybe? Set within hours of Stigmata, Move On chronicles Ben's journey towards coping with his world being turned upside down.

friend, former roommate

Jonathan Morgan

Ben met Jonathan purely by chance before the former became a vampire, after answering Jonathan's ad seeking a roommate. Despite Jonathan's somewhat cold exterior, the two became close friends, and remained as such even after Ben's undeath and subsequent discovery of Jonathan's identical condition. Jonathan was a crucial resource in Ben's first few months of undeath, helping him learn the ins and outs of his new life.


James "Nox" Grey

Nox is the tactical mind to complement Ben's over-eager chaos; he tempers him when needed and is good at keeping things going smoothly. Together they lead a small crew of vigilante-minded mostly-inhuman individuals known as the Deadman Gang in defense of their hometown and in pursuit of justice inside the heart of a corrupt system. On those subjects, Ben learned a great deal from Nox, who had been in the game for decades before Ben died.