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 Seraphina Lazuli

❥ Name: Seraphina Lazuli    > Seraphina Caito (Alt timeln)    > Seraphina D'Angelas (Alt timeln)    > Seraphina Yang ((Alt timeln))

❥ Birthday: May 26th 1995

❥ Marital Status:
   > Single (Beginning of WitS)   > In a relationship (Main Universe)

❥ Race: Human

❥ Nationality: Unknown
❥ Sexuality: Straight

❥ Favourite Food:  Angelo's Cooking

❥ Favourite Drink: Coffee

❥ Lineage: Commoner

❥ Elemental Affinity: None

❥ Family: Brenda Anderson (Sister)
❥ Friends: Azreal, Angelo (WitS), Roxie, Kira, Brenda, Luna, Tsubasa, Azreal, Angelo, Kei (Main Universe)
Seraphina was working on a graphic novel that was in the editing stages. Her editor pushed her to make fundamental changes every time making Seraphina slowly fall into hating her own creations. After being burned by her key necklace, she's transported into the world of her graphic novel where she meets Angelo and Azreal and has to choose who she'd best like to spend her time with. Depending on the choices made by the player Seraphina will end up with either boy or end up back home by herself.
As a child, she recalls a kid who would daydream and write comics with her about Angelo, Azreal and Ember (pre-name change) but cannot remember details about them. She is able to remember the freedom of being a child and laments the times when she created for herself. In the story, Seraphina is unsure whether or not she will end up going through with the publication and sharing her very personal story with the world but she hopes to finally let her characters be known.
You can play written in the stars Here~! (it's free!)

Main Universe:
In the main universe, Seraphina is an actress in a live-action "Fictional Reality" show where she and her co-stars play in Written in the Stars as themselves in a fictional scenario. Their show was marketed as a Reverse harem, hinting at a polyam ending for the trio though Azreal became the popular ship with Seraphina. Even though Main Universe Seraphina and Azreal are friends she began to date Angelo. Seraphina is primarily known as Brenda's little sister, being two years younger than the main set of characters (Roxie, Kira, Brenda, Rose, Violet...). She lives in the same apartment building as Luna Minami, Declan Minami, Tsubasa Otsuki, Azreal Yang, Angelo D'Angelas, Kei Hirakawa and Mei Taimi. In June 2018, Roxie ran away in a depressive Episode and Azreal had found her. Both Seraphina and Azreal were tasked with bringing her down and getting her back home.

6115592_mpOyIbv66.jpgThough she appears friendly, Seraphina is outspoken, sarcastic and overtly childish in every way. Her creativity has dwindled over the years, causing her to be a bleak and boring woman, a pale imitation of the girl she once was. She's quick to hide from her problems instead of talking them through.
Seraphina has abandonment issues and often has panic attacks over what she considers to be insignificant things (i.e. Losing sight of Angelo = She's going to die in a carnival)
She gets embarrassed if her true thoughts are revealed to the public and hates being the center of attention.
Though not self-loathing, she has high standards for herself and often tries to be realistic by giving herself the worst-case scenario as though it is fact. When something is confirmed she breaks apart and is unable to pull herself out of the pits of despair.
She's a huge introvert and hates talking to people for prolonged amount of times. When Seraphina falls in love her mind gets very fuzzy and she's unable to determine right from wrong.

* Seraphina exists in the main universe as Brenda's little sister. Written in the Stars is a drama series. In the Main Universe, Seraphina is in a relationship with Angelo. In WitS, however, her canon love interest is Azreal* Even though she refuses to admit it to herself, In WitS, Seraphina had a crush on Azreal when they first met.* Though she cares deeply, Seraphina is not submissive or a pushover. She has been bullied before for being a weak link, so she toughened herself up and now despises anyone who was a reflection of her kind, soft spoken self.* Seraphina has seasonal depression* In WitS, She's never even hugged a man outside of her family before. She usually scares boys off by her aggressive words.* She openly criticizes her sister for being too trusting and breaking too many rules.* She is 100% inspired by one of my best friends, Emily. A lot of her dialogue and mannerisms are based on things she says to others.* Seraphina is incredibly brave, but her panic attacks set her back in a big way. * She likes browsing art websites.* Roxie often confides in Seraphina in the main universe. If she runs away, Seraphina is the one to calm her down even though she's technically younger than her.6293033_Pjo0FH86FcizTNr.png

 Browsing art websites

  Writing and drawing

❥ Angelo and Azreal
❥ Her own work

❥ Reading a book before she's seen the movie first.

Weddings and flashy romances.

Azreal Yang
Relation:  Creation, Romantic Interest

In Angelo's route, Azreal is something of the best friend that roots for her. He teases her about Angelo regularly much to her dismay. The two are actually rather close in WitS and Seraphina appears to have some sort of a crush on him.
Angelo D'Angelas
Relation: Creation, Romantic Interest
In Azreal's route, Angelo is a gentleman who looks after both Azreal and Seraphina. In his route, he learns to open up and be himself around her while sharing his insecurities.