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louise_2_by_canis_aquarius_df9cxsm-pre.jLouise Actino
SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) | Gamma variant | Female | She/Her | Guard
Louise is a reckless, tomboyish girl, but very kind the ones she likes.
Though she's 'kinda' present, Louise doesn't physically appear in the first part of the story because her mother, Princess Loki, is pregnant with her. Her mother likes to talks to her sometimes and she's mentioned multiple times before her birth. After her birth, Louise appears as a baby pup, and after some timeskips, she also appears as a 11 year old girl, and as a 30 year old virioness at the end of the story. Being born as a Guard-virioness, Louise is extremely loyal and obedient to her Princess-virioness mother and older Prince-virion brother, but she's also respectful to her other mother, older sister and uncle, because they are older than her. Because Guards are always born with an instinctive need to protect their superiors, Louise often steps between her mother and biological father, Prince Xynos, in order to protect her mother from her dangerous father. But, because she's too young, Loki doesn't allow her daughter to risk her life for her.
Louise is based on a Scotch collie.

Original Creator: Tat'yana Sippy