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Name Catherine (Japanese: キャサリン Kyasarin)
Age 500+ (Biologically), 12 (Physically)
Build Normal (Current), Slim (Formerly)
Species Witch
Gender Female
Oreint. Catherine can’t have one at her current state
Pronouns She/Her
Occupation Creator of Bon Bon Island
Creator Historia
Origin Unknown, used to be outside of Urd
Design Notes

  • Make her look like a child please.
  • Her face should stay hidden. Her hat is HIGHLY preferred, but not mandatory. Only her red, beady eyes are visible, but if you want to give her a mouth, go ahead! It’s the same shade of red as her eyes.
  • Her hair is always long, but if you want, you can tie it, or even give her a haircut.
  • She’s actually wearing shorts under her coat. I don’t mind if you make her coat longer though. Also, her coat sleeves are longer than her arms.

A clumsy, little child who was once a beautiful woman, Catherine isn’t what you would expect from your usual witch girl character in a video game. She is, indeed, a candy-loving witch, who resides in the mysterious Bon Bon island. In fact, she is also the one who made Bon Bon island to become a thriving place filled with sweets. She is a soothing and cheery witch who is often seen levitating about. The reason why she’s always levitating is due to her clumsiness, and therefore, she isn’t always seen walking on land that much. While on land, she can only walk short distances, and anything longer than that would cause her to trip over.

When it comes to Bon Bon’s local residents, it varies.She sees the non-noble citizens as the innocent ones who she felt needed the most protection, while she sees the ones closest to her as “friends” (i.e. Sweetonio the Unicorn guardian, and Sonya and Potman). She does, however, feel that Prince Gumball is trying to let her down by taking away the devil lollipop, while his father, King Gumball, is being mindful of the lollipop’s safety. Because of her current state, she behaves more like a child than her normal, past self, yet she retains some of her maturity she had many years ago.

Catherine is the witch of the cosmos, meaning that she is capable of wielding astral magic. This is not shown as of yet.


  • Catherine is inspired by the mage and boss character designs from the Kirby series. She has no relation with the Kirby series whatsoever.
  • She is known to have very little sense of humour.
  • Her favourite type of candy is the Lollipop, which explains why she is always seen with the devil lollipop in her hands.

Years ago, Catherine was born as a beautiful, young woman, with a personality being different compared to her current self. As the good witch of the cosmos, she gave blessings to the inhabitants of Urd. However, one day, she engaged in a fight by her mortal enemy, Thanatos, and despite her victory over the latter, she was transformed into a child, and her astral magic was sealed, due to an odd force. She remained that way for hundreds of years. At some point in time, when she arrived to Bon Bon Island, Catherine discovered a "lollipop", whose head is on a Popsicle stick. She has since treasured it.

While she continued to bring life to the island, she stumbled across a scorpion-like demon named Sophia, and bit her, mistaking the demon for rock candy. Because Sophia became annoyed of this, Catherine fell off her back, and transported to elsewhere, resuming the creation process.


  • Candy!
  • Ben
  • Peace
  • Protecting Bon Bon Island

  • Walking on land
  • Thanatos
  • Being frightened
  • Anything too spicy
  • Prince Gumball

Ben | Friend

When Catherine finds Ben washed up on shore, she tries to wake him up, but once she did, she ran away from him, acting if she is shy. However, since Ben finds Catherine to be a "nice girl", they became friends.

Prince Gumball | Enemy

Catherine and Gumball used to be friends, but ever since Gumball became very greedy about candy, he wanted to steal Catherine's devil lollipop, thus becoming a traitor to her.

Sonya and Potman | Friends

Both Catherine and Sonya seem to be good friends. Nothing else is known about their relationship so far.

Sophia | Relation unknown

Catherine, at one time, bit Sophia’s back, but because she was enraged, Catherine fell off of her, and transported somewhere else. It’s unknown if they’re friends or not.

Thanatos | Enemy

Catherine fought Thanatos in the past, and while she may have won her battle against him, she was turned into a child as a result. She is wary that Thanatos might be the leading contributor to her unexpected transformation, but overall, it is unknown as to who caused it.

Sweetonio | Steed + Friend

As Catherine’s trusted steed and friend, Sweetonio acts as the guardian of Bon Bon Island. He aids her and Ben in their adventures to stop Prince Gumball.