Scotch Whisker Ardbeg



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Aka. Whisky, just call him Whisky. He's a sugar daddy. Owner of an stripclub in Hebe. My main Rp character.
      •32 years, male

-Appearance stuff-
•Albino rat, tends to call hisself a vampire even tho he's just a blood sucking rat breed.
•Half Oasian (basically stronger humans), half rat (doesnt really act ratty 24/7, even tho I tend to describe his movements 'ratlike' in some situations ...)
•His left fang is a goldtooth, got punched out.

•His actual haircolor is white, he dyed his hair green. He told Doc he did it because "he saw that green Whisky bottle that inspired him" just to see him laugh, but he actually dyed it to a random color. Since immediatly after meeting Sina he dyed his hair black, diying it back to white would always just remind him of how he looked before in Parrotia, and staying with black made him unhappy since he didnt want to be that "emo rat" anymore. He just did it to get rid off thinking about his past everytime he looked in the mirror and thus stayed with green cause he liked it. (His past is explained later)

-Personality Stuff-
•Very moody and aggressive, escpecially to weak and shy people like Billy. Tho hes actually really kind hearted and caring on the inside and tries to change.
•Really Dad/Daddy like, loves to call people "small" in oasian etc, likes to spend money for his teeny friends like May or Ana (and now he has his own children YAY)
•Got a serious problem with love and emotions, especially whenever Doc is around.
•Scared of very, very nice people due to his past with Perjates and Francis who faked their generosity.
•All of the deaths, tragedys and problems they had in the past around town which he and his friends had to clear really got on his nerves. He just wants to live a peaceful life, but eversince the demon world got destroyed and half of Demonia's population escaped to Oasis, including most of his closest friends, the problems started to pile up.
•He would give anything for peace, so he's still okay with fighting everything that destroys it. He also loves his home too much to just watch and let it get destroyed by the people who harmed him and his friends.
•He's actually the most normal person out of his friends. Thats probably why he fell in love with the other most ordinary person.
•''He forced himself to supress his emptiness with love instead of killing''

-Random facts and trivia stuff-
•His birthday is every year after fathers day, because he doesnt know his real birthday.
•'Scotch Whisker Ardbeg' isn't his real name, he forgot his original one and claimed that 'Scotch' was his real one.
•He got three main jobs, a Jewelry Shop in Albizia, his Stripclub in Hebe and he used to be a hitman. Hes got a room in his Stripclub where he sleeps.
•Drinking alot of Whisky and is smoking when having alot of stress, but I tend to not draw him like that. Its also getting better, since he's really trying to live a healthier life.
•Very inspired by the band Red hot chilli peppers♡ (I got inspired mostly by the personality and atmosphere most of the songs have. Also, I really like to imagine him with Anthony Kiedis voice, it just fits perfectly.)

•An old rat lady is working in his Jeweler shop who he calls his grandma for fun. Shes his real grandma tho, but theres no way to prove it. She calls him by his real name 'Nicolas Kervel', because she thinks its more fitting than 'Whisky' or 'Scotch'. She remembers this name since her grandson was called like that, but she lost contact with her daughter so theres still no way to prove their relationship.
•His real name indeed being 'Nicolas Kervel' was confirmed since a god in another world, called Equalia, looking similar to him is named 'Niconoto'. All his main other friends have similar godess counterparts in Equalia too, looking like them and being named similar to them.

-Relationships in RP-
•Got a serious problem with love n' emotions, is in love with the town's doctor for like 2 years now.
•Didnt know about his daughter until ---
•Its really hard to him to accept her as a daughter, even tho he dreamed of having a family after meeting Ephyra. (The king of Equalia, the world in which his counterpart "Niconoto"(whom he never met nor appeared in rp) comes from). Ephyra has a family hisself and one of Whiskys best friends, Naila, is his wife and their family is nearly perfect. (He had a thing with Ephyra after breaking up with Doc for the first time, he felt incredibly lone and only Ephyra cared for him at this time, and since then hes looking up to Ephyra)
•The first time he broke up with Doc was after he told him that he killed his niece while still being a hitman. He found out after finding her ''ID card'' which he kept of every of his victims as a kind of trophy.
•Since Whisky had a hard developement after their break up, he became a much better person and realized how dark his past was.

•After their duty in Equalia was done and the kingdom was back to nomal, he lost contact with Ephyra for a while. Naila was back, so Billy was spending more time with the caring cat, instead of Whisky, who just picked on him and kind of even 'used' him. May, Ana, and Alex, (i cant explain how alex is now ITS SO MUCH BUT HES KIND OF NAILA AND EPHYRAS SON FROM ANOTHER TIME LINE), his other friends started spending time on their own, making up their lost time of their remaining childhood. (They still live in one town and meet almost every day or randomly, they just started to follow their own lives again)
After all of that plus him losing his most time consuming hitman ''''career'''', I didnt realize how lone he became even when his friends where close, until some characters in town pointed out how much he was seaking for attention and how unhappy he seemed, walking around alone and silent, being weirdly too happy while having his friends around than before, looking at them like he would be scared they'd leave any second.
•Because of that, he suggested to build a treehouse for the kids, just to have something to do.

-Past (a bit dark)-
•Could only talk Oasian until he was 10. Today he's speakin both languages fluidly.
•When he was 6 he got kidnapped to Parrotia, where he was sexually harassed until he was 16.
•In Parrotia, he lived with the two man who kidnapped him. One was nice and teached him ''german'', he wasnt treated too bad compared to other people in Parrotia.
•Most of the Stripper girls are like family to him, since he grew up in the Stripclub after being rescued from Parrotia from Sina.
•Apperenty his only childhood friend before Parrotia was Sina. He doesnt remember anything before Parrotia tho, so he has to believe her storys. They're still very close friends, tho she lives far away.
•Had his emo phase with Sinas influence when he was a teeny. He's glad he got out of that, tho his clothes are still very dark.