Jackson Rivers



5 years, 10 months ago


A joyful guy that's secretly a famous thief.
Keep an eye on your things or else he'll steal them... and maybe your heart!

This guy didn't always have it easy. Before he could even remember, his father had left, and his mother turned to alcohol. She wasn't abusive, but she was distant. Growing up, Jackson yearned more and more for attention - any kind, even if it was bad. He became a delinquent at school, starting fights and trouble. But his mother never cared.
His uncle, being a police chief, forced him to stay with him over the summer, to clear his mind and get a better attitude. It was then that Jackson learned a deep secret about the family.
Thievery was in their blood.
His grandfather was an infamous criminal known as "Master Thief". He was capable of pulling off nearly impossible heists, and in such a short time! With Jackson's mother too unmotivated, and his uncle focused on trying to CATCH him, his grandfather turned to the young troublemaker to inherit his legacy. Jackson accepted, and he learned all about the arts of stealing.

Eventually his grandfather died, but the Master Thief lived on.

Notes: Jackson... I can't remember much about him. His uncle is also an OC I need to create, a tiny, young-looking police chief that nobody takes seriously because he always looks young. Jackson was just supposed to be some brat of a nephew, but the longer I played as him, the more I got a feel for him. I think my love for Ace Attorney went into him, what with him being a show off of a thief. He's a sweet guy and I really love how he turned out!


Full Name: Jackson Bradley Rivers

Nicknames: Jack, prefers Jackson

Race: Human

Age: 24

Birthday: January 4

Sexuality: Pansexual

Hair/Eye Color: Blonde/Blue

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 189 Ibs

Occupation: Thief

Voice: Playful yet charismatic; Josh Keaton

Personality: Jackson is cheerful, fun-loving, and jolly. He's very easy to get along with and can always be seen as the life of the party. Because he doesn't talk about his job, he can come off as mysterious and secretive. Don't mistake his helpfulness and compassion as signs that he's a pushover, though, because he's incredibly sly and evasive.
In terms of those he's attracted to or in a relationship with, he LOVES to spoil them. He'll flirt every minute while also handing you gift after gift. It's very easy to have him whipped. However, his sense of loyalty can be questionable, considering he falls in love with every older person he sees.

Drawing Details: Usually wearing a big smile on his face, and tends to wear a long, red bandanna around his forehead, no matter the outfit. In his Master Thief outfit, he looks like Mccree's Mystery Man, but with a white and red color scheme, with the bandanna covering his face and the hat a fedora.

Fun/Extra Facts:

- He drinks, but doesn't usually go over two drinks. He doesn't want to end up like his mother.

- Jackson is attracted purely to people older than him. They have to be AT LEAST ten years older than him.

- A switch in the bedroom in terms of men, though he leans towards dominant more.

- In many relationships he's been in, his partner has used him as substitutes for lost loves (as much as accidentally being called by those names). He's become used to it and doesn't mind, though he is extremely hesitant about commitment for that reason.

- He has never dated anyone around his age and doesn't plan to.

- If he's friends with someone his age, it generally means he's using them to get to their parents.

- May have a parent complex.

- He is extremely kinky.

- As the Master Thief, he sends a calling card to big businesses he plans to steal from. After three days he pulls off the heist.

- His uncle knows that he's the thief but tries very hard to look the other way for his sake.

- A very skilled pickpocket, he can steal numerous things from you even when you're talking to him.

- Generally healthy, doesn't eat junk food or soda very often.

- Easily impressed.

- Usually lives in houses that are vacant due to families going on vacation.

- Despite his occupation, he has never killed anyone.

- He has a Code of Honor for thieves, one of which is to not harm innocent people.

- The bandanna over his head was a gift from his grandfather- he called it his lucky charm.

- Doesn't have a high school degree; dropped out his third year when he took over as Master Thief.

- The scar on his hand is from when he was attacked by Smiley.