Bulrig: The Brute

Bulrig is a captured demon living in the community cages of the Hunter Kingdom. He's been there for a long time, give or take 27 years.

He's transferred to a smaller cage for bad behavior, and meets Favurn in a cage nearby. The two become somewhat of friends/acquaintances for a few months before Bulrig is transferred again.

Extra Info

He finds a lot of things funny. Always looking for a source of entertainment, even at others expense.

Loves a good headbashing and skull crushing to let aggression out, but he enjoys being gentle too, simply because he likes being unpredictable and making people nervous. Also has a lot of weird kinks he's not afraid to openly talk about. Very lewd and extremely inappropriate at times/often. He likes to make people uncomfortable and watch them squirm.

He was captured by the hunters because of aggression in the nearby lands. He had been known for kidnapping humans and storing them in his cave hut. He has a big thing for intimidating people without actually hurting them (just psychologically scarring them). One of them kinks...

Bulrig goes with the flow of things. He may be inclined to kill a person one day, and save their life and their children and their children's children the next, but then kill them and their entire village the following Tuesday. Definitely enjoys the company of humans more than demons, because he likes making small creatures nervous of his size and distasteful attitude. He has a harder time with this with Demons, but it's not impossible.

He likes making rude comments when Rikkal is nearby because it makes the human go red in the face and awkward. He can tell Favurn doesn't like him poking fun at Rikkal, but the demon doesn't stop him. Bulrig likes to jokingly accuse Favurn of being a pet demon, because he knows it bugs him.

Despite their bickering, the two can enjoy a good sarcastic conversation from time to time. Bulrig likes to poke his fingers through the bars of the cage and try and tug Favurn's fur/tail when the demon is turned around, just to get a rise out of the demon. He would do the same to the humans, but they never get close enough to touch, and this annoys him...

He says he's 'human starved' because he hasn't been able to toy around with a human in 27 something years.

Bulrig has a genetic ability called 'Thick Skin' and it virtually makes his flesh near impenetrable by most weapons and sharp objects. It's still possible to cut into him, but take a lot of force for a likely small wound. With this being said, he's susceptible against poison gases and paralyses powders, which is how he got captured in the first place.