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【 Name 】 Malifus Draeder【 Called 】 Mal
【 Age 】 Appears 21【 Type 】 InfinityDeer
【 Gender 】 Male【 Orientation 】 Straight
【 Symbol 】 Mythic / Infinity on forehead【 Magic 】 Rainbow but specializes in water and ice
【 Skin / Marking 】 White / Common (freckles)【 Anima / Horns / Ears  None / Mythic / Common
【 Tail / Gender / Birthmark 】 Rare / Rare / Cloud on Calf (blue)【 Height / Weight 】 6' 1" / 223 pounds
【 Origin 】 The Woodlands【 Species/Race 】 TenkiShika

About Mal

Mal is pretty serious about everything. He has a sense of humor - or is rumored to have one anyways, but no one can remember the last time he cracked a smile or laughed out of fun ... and not just because he knocked someone over in training either. Mal has dreamed of being in the Elite Forces of the Royal Army since he was young, and now that he has achieved his dream, he intends to prove he deserves the honor every chance he gets.

Outside of exercising, practicing, sparring, and being at his duty post, Mal enjoys reading, running, and just basking in the sunlight of his Woodland home. He has a secret love of pretty flowers, and his modest 1-bedroom home is like a flower-arrangers heaven. He never kills his flowers tho - he finds that abhorrent. He pots groups of flowers together from his garden and then replants more flowers in the empty places. Deep down, Mal is a little shy, especially around the girls. He gets a bit awkward and his pale skin shows his blushing cheeks very well.

【 Likes 】
  • Sunny days
  • Flowers
  • Naps Outside
  • Sparring / Combat Practice
  • His Job in the Elite Forces
【 Dislikes 】
  • Winter
  • Showing Weakness
  • Being Wet
  • Rude wake-up calls
【 Hobbies 】
  • Reading
  • Gardening (flowers)
  • Running
  • Napping



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