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- I swear a lot!
- Some of my characters are bugs or bug themed! Their profile pictures are not blurred, so if even cartoony bugs scare you then turn back now.
- Some of my characters are eldritch in nature or just generally spooky. Most of my body horror ocs involve teeth.
- All of my characters, unless otherwise specified on their profiles, are open for gift art! Though I ask that you actually show me whatever you draw, either by messaging me or submitting a request to attach it to my character.
- Feel free to favorite and follow! I don’t mind the notifs.
- Idk what else to put here lol
- Do not draw NSFW of any of my OCs under any circumstances!
- Do not ‘kin’ my characters it’s extremely uncomfortable
- Do not offer on any of my characters that aren’t in my UFS/UFT folder! Characters that are up for offer will be marked as such, I won’t accept any offers for characters that aren’t up for offer.

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