Keeth Zander



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Name Keeth Williams Zander
Date Created 11/11/2009 | November 11th
Alias Knowledge Leech
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Human
Orientation Pansexual
Blood Type B
Dominate Hand Ambidextrous
Ht./Wt. 5’5" | 95 lbs
Relationship Crushing on Kyle
Living Family Judith Zander (mother)
Voice Headcanon Neil Cicierega

"Well you know what they say! About the cat and curiosity!"

Keeth is perfectly human but he’s cursed. His curses’ defining features are black splotches on his skin in which feathers grow out of. Two horns on his head, and the change of the shape of his pupil. His curse makes lying a deed worth severe punishment. Breaking his bones whenever he does.

Curses aside, Keeth is very bubbly, outgoing, and very talkative! He wants to make friends, he just really isn't sure what he's doing wrong. Often personal bubble popping when he's excited, Keeth can be somewhat unpredictable.


  • Brains and Knowledge
  • People
  • Studying/Making notes
  • Floating around
  • Apples/Apple Sauce/Apple Juice
  • The concept of Friends
  • Learning new things
  • Helping others out
  • His friend Carl!


  • People saying/spelling his name incorrectly
  • Insults about his Mom!
  • People who change topics too quickly!
  • Having a lack of control over his mind/body
  • Drugs
  • Sexual Thoughts from Others sometimes Himself too
  • Being unable to defend himself cause he’s weak as hell
  • Eating Food!


  • Getting ready to make a grand entrance when people call him
  • Feeding stray animal in his neighborhood
  • Taking photos of people he values
  • Stares at things without thinking of anything for a long time.
  • Calling/Texting his mother on the weekends
  • Doing mental experiments on people
  • People Watching
  • Watching Dreams




Keeth is a very bouncy and chipper sounding boy. He comes off as very energetic and smiles more often than not. He’s a pretty nice kid who offers to do things to those who interest him. Even taking up a servant role for people. Other than that, he super appreciates kind comments of encouragement or praise.

Keeth can be either sensitive to peoples mean opinions/rude comments or really durable and forgiving. It all depends on who he’s dealing with it seems. To those he finds interest in he takes the mean comments with a smile and a laugh. While to those he finds no knowledgable value in, he takes their opinions harder and could even end up crying. However, when it comes to being in a relationship he'd be more senstive to what the other thinks of him overall.

Despite his kindness and happy attitude, Keeth finds issue in forming social bonds and normal friendships. He’s just, really not that good with it all. He doesn’t understand why, but it’s probably because he likes to share a lot of information as though everyone will be interested to hear about it (Which lets face it; that’s rarely the case).

That being said, he’s obsessed with knowledge to a point that maybe he comes off as more of an encyclopedia. Though, that would be if an encyclopedia put its own opinions on the knowledge it has.

Also, this boy doesn’t like to use profanity. It just doesn’t sound right coming out of him and also, his mother would not like that! If anyone couldn't tell, he's a huge mama's boy. Loves her so much, Keeth is super fond of his mother, but keeps things secret from her...

Keeth things:

  • Keeth can tell when people say his name like 'Keith' or 'Keeth', thus he'll correct anyone who uses the former and only become irritated if it persists.
  • Despite his dislike for pain, he's fairly durable and willing to come back and be up close to those who hurt him, esp if they know interesting things.
  • Keeth tends to value the lives of animals over the lives of people, unless they're his mom, a genuine friend, or someone he's crushing on.
  • Speaking of crushing on people, Keeth has always liked the company of people older than himself. He has a crush on a 43 year old named, Mr. Thomas, but that's a crush that will never be reciprocated.
  • He can be desperate for approval at times, thus willing to do just about anything.
  • Sometimes... Keeth can be very violent. Usually if he's upset. His iris changes into the shape of diamonds when he's like this.
  • Due to his curse making his skin kinda weird, Keeth is actually super self conscious about it. Which is odd considering he doesn’t care much for his physical features in general and actually forgets them quite often (i.e: My eyes are blue? WOW!!). He tends to deem his own physical apperance unimportant and not worth remembering.
  • Keeth can be brought into a state of panic that leads him to hyperventilating.
  • Keeth suffers from Central Sleep Apnea. It causes him to stop breathing for a moment during sleep.



It was Keeth’s mother Judith and father Alex who thought it would be cute to get their child’s future read for them. They thought it would be fun to see what little story could be made up for their boy’s brilliant future. Instead, the reading they got was a bleak future, one with the spilling of blood, greed, and other horrors! It was because of this a curse was set on Keeth, given to him by the very person who gave him that reading. Perhaps they too were a bit of a mischievous being. Regardless, horns sprouted out of Keeth’s head and managed to impact the way his brain was forming. Naturally, his parents were frightened and heartbroken by the event, and even took to suing the circus grounds. However, they were sadly given the information that they had had no such future reading position at their circus, leaving this to be one of the biggest mysteries in Keeth's life.

Growing up with the curse was difficult. His mother and father were often very protective of him. Still, it posed a challenge to Keeth’s life aside from other outside forces. He wasn’t a very bright child or a noisy one at that. He stared at things for hours. Sometimes, he would simply blank. Random functions of his body would seemingly stop before starting up again. Keeth's ability to retain information was abysmal. Still, the parents put him into school, with a hope that he could at least socialize, make friends, and have something of a normal childhood. He deserved that much!

However, on a day a school field trip was taken, two boys ended up in a fight. The adults were busy trying to deal with some complications that were occurring in terms of payments and such. But with their eyes off the children one of the boys ended up shoving another causing them to trip and fall down some stairs, hitting their head and in fact, busting it open. It was a horrific scene, all the children were screaming and scattering away. But Keeth… Keeth found his way down to the body. Something drew him in about it. He was curious about what was going on with this other boy and like all curious children, he took what he saw spilling out of the boys head, stuck the red stuff into his mouth, and ate it. This simple act had suddenly sparked something in him. Suddenly he gained the boys knowledge, a bit of his personality and even the boys thinking process. The field trip, of course, was canceled after the incident and Keeth was yanked away from the body.

Taken home by a shaken mother, Keeth was held in her arms as she hugged and kissed him. That could have been her baby down those stairs!! This moment... would prove to be Keeth's first actual memory at the age of six. He said his first words that day, "Where am I". An odd choice of words... but his mother was estatic, called his father in and things seemed to be going well...

His parents smiles made Keeth beam with love for them. Even if it was conflicted with an odd confusion that didn't feel like his own. What mattered was that for the first time he felt like he was seeing his parents faces.

There would be nothing but encouragment from here on out.

By the age of 10, Keeth's father had an accident and passed away. Leaving the family to be just Keeth and his mother. But, Keeth had given himself something to strive for! A goal! That goal is nothing other than to become the smartest person alive! After all, his mother told him he was the smartest boy around but what about in the world...? He had to give his mother something to be proud about. With the loss of his father and the sadness of his mother, Keeth had to strive for something, to give his mother hope. Still, he knew it'd be hard to accomplish that goal, but he knows he'll eventually get there! How hard could it really be? Just become more knowledgable by reading and being taught. However, Keeth soon found that he still had extreame difficulty actually retaining information... He didn't understand it... But one thing he did understand was the fact that he could retain people... He knew, that everything he currently knew... didn't come from himself. It felt distant and not of his own...

He didn't quite remember what happened to let him have what he did in terms of thought, but he did hear rumors the other kids were telling about him. Calling him things like 'zombie kid'. Something about him eatting a Benjamin Smith's brain. The name struck a cord with him. Yes, he knew a Benjamin. In fact, he was part of a Benjamin... Something about the information upset Keeth, but again, it wasn't his own upset...

Determined to achieve his goal, Keeth knew he had to start somewhere. Information didn't truly stick. People did. People could stick... But a boy would never actually commit any henious crimes would they? Keeth was a sweet boy... he could never... yet something or someone was urging him down this increasingly dark path... a force Keeth was completely unaware of and would always remain unaware of.


It's been a few years since starting his days as an ongoing mysterious serial killer whose victims would simply be known to go missing. By now, he's 14 and has taken a student down in his own school... and went for kids attending private schools who knew different languages... His grades were going from F's and slowly becoming B's. Entering highschool he still wasn't at a place he felt was good enough...

Aside from feeling as if progress toward his goal was going nowhere, Keeth was slowly developing psychic abilities. His first was the classic psychokinesis. Moving objects without touching them. An exciting development! He would exercise his mind with this ability, having a need to master it. Though, he was slowly finding that telling a lie would lead to painful repercussions. Nothing horrible but certainly discouraging. Not only that but for whatever reason his skin felt as though it was becoming more sensitive to what it felt, pain and otherwise.

Regardless of the negatives, the psychokinesis would be used; tested to it's full potential for his next victim. Speaking of, Keeth started to think, 'Students are still growing minds and only know so much... But what about adults?' His target was set. His Math teacher, Mr. Morris would be the unfortunate pick for the teen... After obtaining everything his teacher had known through the disgusting act of consuming his brain, Keeth would wait for things to calm down, before he essentially dropped out of high school.

Keeth would soon meet with Carl Cardy, a person whom Keeth considered his first adult best friend... Carl was a Psychologist in his late 20's. But of course, his profession would be the downfall of this relationship. Keeth, becoming hungry to learn more and more, couldn't stop looking at Carl and desiring to know everything he knew... It was decided one night that... Carl would be taken into the ever growing folds of Keeth's own mind. Keeth's hunger for the knowledge drove him to the new ability of hypnosis. Feeling guilty for taking his friend, he managed to make it feel as though Carl was giving him permission to take his brain. This was not Keeth's proudest moment. By now, Keeth had learned to sort people in and out of his brain, dumping out parts of them he didn't need.... but he chose to keep Carl intact within his mind... but buried deep, deep enough that Carl could never surface to the top.

Some years after that, Keeth's abilities grew, getting rid of the bodies and making family members forget was becoming easier and easier. He was on a killing spree all for the sake of knowledge! At some point Keeth concluded that the smartest man in the world, should rule the world. Thus adding that onto his list of goals. Keeth was becoming more and more dangerous with every brain he took. And with it... patches of black started to show up on his skin...

Reaching his current age, Keeth is incredibly weak, pain hurts more than it would for the average individual, and lying has become something he simply avoids, from forming simple cramps in his body it's grown to snapping his bones in half. Keeth may be where he is today, but it's certainly at a price. A price he isn't aware he's put down upon himself. He doesn't know why his horns grow, or why the black splotches spread.

However, through all the darkness and evil deeds Keeth has committed for the simple act of being greedy.... Keeth doesn't consider what he does as murder. He thinks the people he's taken to still be alive. It's just a matter of simply being moved from their mind, to his. Even if he strips them down until they're nothing but the information he valued them for, he considers them alive and well. All contributions to be apart of a greater mind.

Regardless, Keeth remains chipper, upbeat, awkwardly kind with some strange behavior, and a mama's boy through and through. Somehow, his innocent half is quite genuine. It's not exactly an act. Though he's completely aware of how people perceive him. He even prefers people underestimate him at all times. Of course, he has a horribly dark nature to him as well, twisted and a love for the fear in peoples eyes... but overall... He's not always malicious and does look for companionship in people... but it's rather difficult...

Things To Note

If you get the feeling that he's not exactly... looking at you, yourself... or he begins to bring up your interests in a certain subject... Then chances are Keeth isn't looking to make friends with you...

To become a target of Keeth is really simple. Just know A WHOLE LOT about a certain subject. It can be anything. It doesn't matter. Shadow puppets? He'll take it. Programming? He'll take it. It's only if you don't have any knowledge of value (or he just knows everything on a subject already) does Keeth leave a person alone and look for true friendship.

If you're someone he can't read the mind of however, he'll lean more towards wanting to make true friendship.

Bonus Info

Songs I associate with him:

Random Facts

  • Languages Keeth Knows: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese!! -- He's always looking to learn more! All of them actually if he can!
  • Home Town: Nashwauk, Minnesota
  • He's alergic to dust and fish/shellfish (he doesn't know this though)


  • Psychokinesis (to move an object with the mind)
  • Telepathy (The transference of thoughts or feelings between two or more subjects)
  • Transvection (the fictional or alleged supernatural act of levitating, floating or more specifically flying through the air.)
  • Teleportation
  • Hypnosis
  • Remote Viewing (the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means)
  • Can trick the mind into feeling certain pain/emotions/and seeing things.


  • Not sleeping for days can make his mental power unstable. (He hates sleeping, he does it to himself)
  • Lying
  • Pure Physical Pain
  • Needs to be able to focus and have his thoughts organized at all times.
  • Teleporting more than 3 times gives him a headache.
  • Trying lift objects that are extremely heavy even for his mind, causes a headache.
  • Drugs
  • The rubbing of the base of his horns makes him pass out instantly.
Accepted Headcanons From Others

Battle Theme Idea- Thank you Paranormal-Thingum!

[NSFW] Keeth - when out in public with a partner of some description - will sometimes use telepathy to dirty talk them, so that no-one but the partner knows what he's saying, so that he can get them all flustered/turned on and embarrass them while acting like he was doing nothing to those from an outside perspective - Thank you AlleycatIrony!

Keeth doesn't like cursing - but that doesn't mean he doesnt' feel the need to do so! However, since he doesn't want to use such disgusting words, he uses more common terms... that have nothing to do with what he's cursing. In fact, he uses random words (such as animals or objects) to express his anger. - Thank you ChosenUndeaad!



DS [ Interesting Friend ]

They give off the impression that they're creeped out by him, but still welcome them to stay! DS is so cool, Keeth admires her and her smarts. Heh, he really admires her smarts...


Arioch Alu [ Scary Demon ]

While very intimidating and also not shy to beat Keeth up, Arioch is a great source of information about things like Hell and other demons and magic and history and- GAH! What an amazing source! If only he wasn’t so, y’know... violent and scary...


Ricky Toppkin [ Simple Minded Friend ]

Ricky has always shown Keeth kindness and for that Keeth is very fond of him. Even if at times, Ricky's kindness can be a bit much for him. Regardless, Keeth likes them quite a bit! Even if they met in a rather uh, poor way. Sorta...


Thomas Kindle [ Amazing Person ]

They are no where near being anything on the lines of friends. But Keeth super admires this creepy guy. He loves seeing him work and figure out how people work even without reading their minds! He’s just absolutely amazing! But very scary… Keeth wouldn’t be caught dead letting this guy touch him. Hoho, heck no!


Vincent Roy Gallo [ Kind History Man ]

As someone who has lived for a long time, Roy is a great book of history on actual events! Or at least how Roy saw them! Still, a living relic and amazing story teller! He’s kind to him and tells people to not beat him up, even though Keeth knows the man is a little creeped out by him.


Jayden Alu [ Kind Gross Demon ]

Jayden is a kind man, welcomes him over and everything! BUT HE'S GROSS. Like ugh, reading his mind is the biggest regret in Keeth's life he hates it. But. He tries to look past all that!


Reginald O’Reilly [ Amazing Alien ]

Now this guy is amazing! An actual alien that can give an idea of what life is like on other planets! Problem is, he doesn’t remember much but still, he’s really kind and generous. Oh not only that but the perfect person to give…. Y’know… coughdeadbodiestocough.


Ramona Leith [ Friend OC | Protective Friend ]

An exorcist that Keeth is quite fond of! He likes to hide behind her for protection and lend her a hand in doing what she can. She's offered to lend him a hand when it comes to finding the person who set this curse upon his body. Ramona is very skilled and kind!


Vidal Mori [ Friend OC | Mini Boss ]

A demon who is surprisngly shorter than him and covered in mean tricks and thoughts, Keeth has taken to letting them be a boss of his of sorts. Mostly depending on his own mood. Keeth thinks Vidal is an interesting demon! But Keeth rather not be on his bad side.


Vaughn Mori [ Mini Boss ]

The twin brother of Vidal, he seems more sensable and least likely to be horribly cruel, however, he's a plotter, so Keeth rather not end up on Vaughn's plotting half. Though easier to speak with than Vidal, Keeth remains on his toes with this one.


Anym aka Garbage [ Friend OC | Silly Man ]

First met as a monster that was trying to eat them, but turned out to be a man! Who isn't very bright at all. Keeth gave him the nickname, Anym (like anonymous) because 'Garbage' didn't seem like a good name. Still, they're friendly and cute in their own right! But Keeth just sticks to being friendly and maybe playing with him now and then.


Kyle Torrance [ Friend OC | Absolute Crush ]

A man who is cruel, horrible, and murderous... But he shows Keeth nothing but kindness it seems! Thus Keeth is a sucker for wanting to curl up around the man. Keeth feels super confident about the fact this man seems to love him! He can't believe it, but it makes him incredibly happy. He loves this horrible man back and wants to do his best to make him as happy as Kyle makes him.

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