Milton Danica



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Name Milton Danica
Date Created 10/6/2011 | October 6th
Alias The paranoid guy
Gender Male
Age 24
Species Nephalem
Orientation Bisexual
Blood Type A
Dominate Hand Right
Ht./Wt. 5’9" | 165 lbs
Relationship Crushing on Nicolas
Living Family Rufus(father),Vargas(Fathers Cousin)
Voice Headcanon Troy Baker

"Paying the bills just gets harder and harder..."

Being half human and half angel isn't easy. But not knowing exactly what you are.... might... keep the difficulties at bay... well, as long as you can hide the weirder aspects of yourself. Milton is just a guy who wants to live a normal life. Despite having wings, something everyone usually wishes for, Milton wants nothing to do with them... They're too small to fly with but big enough to be painfully obvious that he has them when he's not hiding them under his thick jacket.

Often nervous, paranoid, and easily frightened, Milton just wants to get through the days without much issue. He doesn't believe in the supernatural, despite his wings, he figures life is less brutally scary if things can be easily explained. But sadly for him, he is the ever unwilling, skeptic, hero of his story.


  • Hot chocolate/Coffee
  • People thinking he’s normal.
  • Sculping Small Things
  • His mothers knife
  • Feeling at ease
  • Sleeping
  • Phone Games
  • Cooking Simple Stuff
  • Getting his paycheck
  • Helping others out


  • Working in retail
  • His wings
  • The fact he’s a light sleeper
  • Being paranoid at the worst times
  • How poor his family is
  • Pastel Green
  • How nervous and easily intimidated he gets by people
  • Not being able to give a tip


  • Entertaining himself with the Internet
  • Cooking lil pancakes
  • Collecting Razor Blades
  • Sculpting
  • Sharpening his Mothers knife or blades in general
  • Making short videos of music
  • Working on car engines with his father


  • People staring at him
  • Public restrooms
  • Angry/Yelling People
  • Children
  • Heights
  • Crowded spaces
  • Failure
  • Needles/Doctors
  • Wasps and bees
  • Clowns
  • Lowkey fear of being enslaved by robots




Milton is the kind of man that you see at a party…. clinging to the walls hoping no one talks to him. Brought there by a friend no doubt. Willing to go because his friend begged him, but totally hates it and getting drunk isn’t his thing.

Milton likes people just fine, but he’s very anxious. Very paranoid and very easily spooked. Even so he’s a nice guy, never trying to push people away even despite these things. Probably because Milton makes an active effort to try and always see the best in people, forcing any negative thought aside as best he can. This goes for his friends especially, however, sometimes his friends can actually be really awful people. But that doesn’t matter. He’ll always find a way to view them as good. Remaining ignorant a lot of the time to the truth of it all.

Milton often tries to act as the bridge against two people fighting. Doing his best to calm down the situation. He just wants people to get along. Which is difficult and can stress him out. He can become so stressed by things like this that he breaks down and takes on a seemingly more confident act though. Which is rather odd...

Milton likes to believe that everything can be explained by science. Nothing mythological or supernatural exists and magic is science not yet explained or slight of hand. If something weird happens, there’s gotta be a scientific explanation. If that can’t explain it! Then uh… well… moving on then. Because of Milton’s views and use of logic in his daily life, Milton tends to be the straight man in a lot of situations.

[Sensitive Content: Milton isn't a stranger to self harm. He often cuts his wrists or wings. Not only that but he also plucks his feathers off during particularlly stressing times. But it all heals quickly which is sort of calming for him to witness. Doesn't know why it happens to fast though... Still, not a healthy thing to do to himself.]

Milton things:

  • Milton has the amazing ability of attracting things he wants none of.
  • When scared by things, Milton will hide behind someone, even if they're shorter than him, though he does feel quilty when he does this.
  • He likes to distract himself from his misery and to do so he surrounds himself with noise.
  • Milton is paranoid of just about everything. When it comes to close friends however, it's rare, but he can become upset and lash out emotionally.
  • He honestly tries his best not to say 'God!' as he recalls his mother didn't approve of it. But if things are too intense it slips out of him at times.
  • HE WILL NEVER SHARE HIS NEGATIVE OPINIONS. Not outright anyway, he beats around the bush with that.
  • When it comes to friends, Milton often tries to brave his fears for them if they are in need.



Born in Norwich, Connecticut, Milton's life wasn't exactly ever... exciting. However, he was different... Milton was born with pure white hair at such a young age it made it easy for Milton to be found in a crowd. Though, mother and father never understood why their son had white hair (one must be pretending).

His father Rufus and mother Annie always seemed to get along. In Milton's eyes of course, they were the perfect couple.

Milton was 7 when his wings began to grow on his back, they were small, practically useless, so his father playfully teased and called him nugget for them. His mother however, seemed shocked, amazed even and called him her little angel.

These wings got him noticed at school, while some found them cool and interesting, others would tear him down out of perhaps, envy. It didn't help having pure white hair either. Because of these mixed factors Milton has always sought for a way to just... be normal and blend with the crowd.

It was when Milton was 9 did his mother give him a sheathed knife. She told him it was an important and powerful item and that it of course, wasn't a toy. But also to never let it be in the hands of another. Milton grew up always having this knife by his side, even if his father didn't approve of the thing.

His mother was with him for 10 years until she tragically passed away in a car accident. Rufus and Milton were devastated with the loss.

Growing up without a mother figure in his life was somewhat difficult for Milton. His father provided for them the best he could. But Milton took up the responsibilities of keeping at least, somewhat of a clean house.


Nowadays Milton has picked up several jobs trying to help his father in providing some income to help pay off the rent at their apartment. It’s nothing great but it’s absolutely better than nothing. Still, a hefty price. As far as having several jobs under his belt; the reason to that is the simple fact that he’s just quit many of them. His reasons range from being over-stressed or because he was being harassed by co-workers. No job really lasts that long with him really. But currently, his job is the last place you’d think he’d work. A gas station. Thing is, it’s in walking distance from his home and since it doesn’t require he take a bus (saves on bus fair) or drive (and use up gas that he’ll have to pay for) to get to his job... it’s kind of ideal. But even so, he refuses to work the night shift. Nothing creepier or scarier than that!

However, lately in Milton’s area a lot has been going on that makes working the night shift a bigger absolute hell no. The news is reporting people going missing and the reports are slowly getting far too close to home. It makes him extremely paranoid and on edge. He hasn’t gotten whole lot of sleep because of it.

But Milton is destined to do far more with his life than live under the oppressive thumb of minimum wage or anything like that! Everything he believes in will be put into question and he will find that maybe, not being normal... is a good thing...

Bonus Info

Songs I associate with him:

Random Facts

  • He really likes listening to music from the 80's Era.
  • Milton owns a Dark blue 1966 Ford Galaxie 500.
  • He doesn't like to use his mothers knife on himself.


  • Because he is half angel he is a lot harder to kill than one would think.
  • If he cuts himself with normal weapons he heals quickly.
  • His wings seem to regenerate when he cuts them off.
  • He’ll stand up for his friends no matter how scared he is...


  • His mothers blade hurts more than any other blade for some reason.
  • Cuts from his mothers knife take longer to heal.
  • You kick him in the crotch he's bound to go down.
  • The fact he can be a coward.
Accepted Headcanons From Others

While Milton loves playing phone games, he absolutely dislikes the ones with in-game time limits in them. This is because it tends to make him nervous and worried, taking out the fun of playing a game. - Thanks Raddishes!

Battle Theme or Theme in Gen Idea - Thanks Saitamu!

Considering this Voice for Milton - Thanks GalacticKarma!

[NSFW] Milton loves being told nice things by his partner. I can see him cuddling with his partner after sex. He could be very gentle, the kind of partner that always make sure they're special one is not feeling pain, just pleasure. However, sometimes he prefers rough sex, just to let go his anxiety and stress once in a while. Maybe during those moments he enjoy pain a little bit too. - Thanks ChosenUndeaad!



Dad [ Father ]

The only family member he has left that Milton is directly related to. Rufus is a kind but grumpy sort of soul. He values hard work and Milton, of course has taken note of that. Milton does his best to be a son worth being proud of. Of course, Rufus means a lot to him, even if he calls him, Nugget.


Cousin Varg [ First Cousin Once Removed ]

Milton's scary cousin that he just calls uncle for short cause honestly, that's simply easier. Milton is easily intimidated by Vargas but he loves him, he remembers the fond memories of him coming over and taking them out after the loss of his mother. Vargas is kind to Milton, but that doesn't take away from how scary he tends to be.


Ricky Toppkin [ Best Friend ]

Ricky is an oddball in all sorts of matters. But his positive outlook on things and bubbly personality cheers Milton up a whole heck of a bunch! He acts young for his appearance now and then but heck, Milton will let the guy live. Ricky is a kind soul with a scary looking appearance but he’s treasured as a friend nonetheless. After all, Ricky saved his life... Like twice!


Sir Arioch [ Mentor of Sorts ]

Arioch is a strange and hard to get a read on a lot of the time. Oh yeah and he’s honestly, intimidating as ALL HELL. Maybe it’s the sharp red eyes, or the sharp teeth, or the sharp claws, or the forked tongue, or maybe its the height! Either way, Milton is scared of this man, but tries his best to be very respectful to him. Arioch is willing to teach him a lot about a world he has absolutely no knowledge in and he has to thank Ricky for that… Without Ricky he feels 100% that this guy would kill him in an instant.


Dimi [ Scary Friend ]

This guy is tall and beyond intimidating! But as Milton got to know him better it turns out he seems a bit misunderstood. The poor guy is kind, just really rough around the edges y’know? Milton tries his best to help this guy see the positives in life.


Milos Mandelli [ Friend OC | Best Friend ]

Now this one, he’s an odd friend but a highly treasured friend nonetheless! The day they met was the same day that Milos opened his eyes to a fact about his little Milton self… But we’re gonna move on from THAT. Now, Milton admires Milos’ out going personality and boldness to face the world the way he does. It’s honestly amazing and oh you know? Sometimes he has the cutest smile… B-But that’s besides the point! Milton truly believes that Milos is a great friend. A friend that Milton doesn’t want to lose and honestly he’s paranoid that he might. Cause… He’s so boring compared to this man…


Nicolas [ Friend OC | Pen Pal/Crush ]

A wonderful person Milton met via... letter! A bit weird at first, nervewracking even! But after sending a few letters back and forth, Milton has found he has a crush on this Nicolas! Truly fallen for his personality. Recently they started to do voice calls! Which was very exciting to say the least! Despite being able to speak to Nicolas through IM's or texting, he's still willing to send Nicolas things through the mail. He can't wait for the day that he can actually meet with them! Milton has... basically confessed his crush to him at some point and gee, gosh. Milton remains excited in his heart.


Terrifying Creature [ AVOID AT ALL COSTS ]

Nothing short of a SCARRING EXPERIENCE. Milton is beyond terrified by this, CREATURE. This thing is no human, what they are eludes Milton and that only makes him scarier. A creature hiding under a human apperance that seems to want nothing more than to EAT HIM. WHAT THE FUCK!?


Mr. Kane [ Intimidating Invidivual ]

Something isn't right about this guy. He doesn't know what it is but he's full of something just... indisputably sinister. Milton isn't a huge fan and honestly, he rather keep his distance...

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