Kaede Hoshizora



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Kaede Hoshizora



World, full of lies, did you think you could rise against us? Don't you know who we are!?. We were the weak who dared to take on a sea of nightmares.

Kaede Hoshizora

Female | She/Her



May 22nd




Dark Dimension Hyacinth

Black Moonstone


Theme Song


Favorite food: Kimchi-filled gyozas
Favorite soft drink: Lemonade
Favorite alcoholic drink: Umeshu
Zodiac: Gemini Sun, Libra Moon, Scorpio Rising.
Of Japanese descent.
Strongly favors discreet kunai as weapons, mostly cause her job is simply to intimidate, not get her hands dirty.
Has a very soft spot for feral creatures, big or small.
Will 100% leave you on read.

6’0” | 183 cm

Silvery White
Fur tone

Body type

Silvery White

207 lb | 94 kg


Dress Style

Tattooed back and hips



Wears mostly black clothes with a preference for one leather piece.
Hair can be styled in different ways, just not cut.
Five tails, very fluffy.
Claws on hands are very long and sharp, usually wears dark or gold nail polish.
Small beauty mark under right side of her lips.
No shoes, toes must show.
Bells are always worn.

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[An example of how beauty isn’t always at odds with wits. Kaede is a rather intelligent young lady, raised to become a “weapon” of sorts for her family with her charisma and perfect manners. She will easily adapt to conversation in order to appeal to whomever she engages with and is very easily amused and entertained by others, whether that’s the intent or not . She is the peppiest and most outgoing of her siblings, enjoying company and social events more than either of them. Kaede might appear as the friendliest person in the room but don’t be fooled, she is merely calculating what her next move should be.]

53627343_UXxJ5rVuwmWhZNH.jpg 53627327_SWKKlPuKUNRUQbA.jpg e8a7dbe43c31373a92e29245e7d0ef89.jpg a01ba9c0ea8551354758bc8198c9429b.jpg


Darkness, Emotion, Miracle
Usable Domains

Raka, The Arbiter of Nightmares
Chosen By

Umbral Drain

Darkness, Miracle
Domains of Spell

Physical contact with a living organism or object will slowly lead to rot and decay. The process, and result, varies depending on how complex the target is. Common objects and simple organisms such as small bugs, bacteria, plants or fungi wither entirely, followed by disintegration. For magical objects and complex living beings the spell can slowly absorb either life force or magical power. Life force stealing results in numbness of whatever body parts have been in contact with the caster, fading after a few minutes. Magic stealing will drain the object of spells used on them, making them regular objects instead and breaking any magical protections or traps that might have been put on the object; if used on a person it will tire their magical abilities for a few minutes, making their spells last less time they usually do or make them slightly weaker.

Kaede can then choose to use this drained energy to heal herself or transfer it to another living organism to heal them instead. If focused enough the energy transfer can be done at once, as long as contact with the drain and healing targets is maintained.

Empress’ Haze

Darkness, Emotion
Domains of Spell

With a whisper the caster plants a seed of doubt or encouragement so any dark emotions experienced by the victim are heightened, leaving them in a confused, dazed state: anger can be turned into an irrational wrath, a small fear can turn into panic, etc. While in this daze, the voice and reasoning from the caster become clearer and gives her a stronger influence over the victim’s response.

No Strings Attached

Domains of Spell

Smoke-like tendrils come out from Kaede’s back, being able to extend and make a small radius around her to become pitch dark, as if using a smoke bomb, allowing her to hide [herself, others close to her or any objects] and/or escape the scene. She can, instead, solidify these shadowy tendrils and control them just as if they were extra limbs.

Just like a little puppeteer, this spell allows Kaede to play with objects and/or other beings by means of getting a hold of them. This allows her to hold, move, stroke or harm her target. Kaede can control just how sharp the tendrils become, allowing her to basically use her shadows like weapons, capable of slicing and piercing through targets just like knives.

The tendrils’ strength and extension is affected if there’s a harsh light surrounding the area.

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Kaede was the second twin, third child born to one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Zoloto. As most twins, the pair were incredibly close since birth, enjoying the privilege that came from being born to their family. Childhood was perfectly normal, as normal as extraordinarily wealthy can get, with private education and activities always leaving time to play. The twins were the troublemakers in their home, constantly pranking their elder brother as well as staff, especially once they started to control their own magic.

It was during their elementary years that their older brother stopped hanging out with them as much and, annoyed, Kaede approached her big brother demanding an explanation for his “uppity” change of heart towards them. It was then that he explained to them what their family did for the city.

You see, there was a lot of wrongdoings and crime in Zoloto. Behind that curtain of gold there were a lot of bad people, stealing and hurting others. It had always been like that since before their family’s ancestors made their fortune, and it was because of that they had their fortune. People looked for protection and were willing to pay a lot for it, their family had the means to help and so they did. Bad people can’t hurt others if they get hurt first, right?

Eager to help their family, the twins were now old enough to get involved. Their education now included an understanding of politics, administration and etiquette as well as physical training on both weapon and spell mastery. The twins would soon join their older brother into new missions, mostly supervising and giving him a different perspective and advice. With the years Kaede turned into a beautiful yet dangerous young lady, while it was her siblings who were more proficient with weapons, her domain over Darkness spells made her a very useful asset in their operations. She didn’t grow cold hearted per se, just distant; it made sense to keep a barrier between her and what they could only call “outsiders”, not knowing who might be the family’s next client or target.

Despite everyone in Zoloto being aware of the family’s activities and reputation, it was only common sense for the “children” to find less… gruesome professions to put down in their curriculum, you know, just in case someone asked “so what do you do for a living?”. Like many others, Kaede was always attracted and fascinated by fashion and after prodding her twin about it they decided (and by they I mean she) to take a leap into the world of runways and photoshoots. Their good looks and wealth didn’t hurt, of course, and the twins became successful in their new public line of work.

Moving into Arcana

As word of a new, quiet, town opening up for newcomers the siblings were encouraged by their mother and their council to travel to the isle in order to inspect and consider as a possible new base of operations for the family and start mingling and winning the locals’ trust, effectively expanding their empire. The siblings left at once, Kaede smiling at the thought of yet another possibly interesting adventure.