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Since the beginning of time • no zodiac • Of death and endings
L'amour est un Oiseau Rebelle

Chaos (Ablaze)

Blood Wars

Cross Your Heart [Ultimate Remix]
O Death

Aria of the Soul

Life Will Change

Fragrance of Dark Coffee

Silva Maleficus

The Nocturnal

A Vampire's Heart

What is this I see?
Cold icy hands over me.
He said, "I am Death no one can excel.
I open the doors to death and to hell."

"Well, I'm going to fix your feet so you cannot walk.
I'll fix your tongue so you cannot talk.
Close your eyes and you cannot see.
You got to come and go with me."


Muerte was a god plagued by humanity. Initially reluctant to even consider his universe anything beyond his duty, he has grown a heart of marigold deep within the void of his chest when he realized that he'd rather his world live than perish into oblivion. It's his immortal belief that he can push against Fate's design that wills him through abandoning his family and sacrificing himself for the sake of his world, and its that willpower that transforms him from the belligerent, wrathful and merciless death into the fair, benevolent and proud mayor of Wisteria. He takes the role of a leader to many, with some even testifying that he'd make a good father as well. His tone and attitude can both bear the bloom of a rose and the prick of thorns depending on what he thinks of you and your demeanor. 

Despite him becoming something close to human, one should never doubt him or his power; as kind as he is, Muerte never turns his eyes away from the cruel truth of things. He isn't willing to bend rules or provide reality-breaking services out of kindness. He has rules to abide and laws to follow, but so long as you heed his words and avoid squandering the time spent with him, Muerte will help you with your plight. However, take his kindness for granted or be so bold as to beg for death and he will leave you in the shadows to rot.




Fate is the mother of all timeline and realities, her existence solely to create and create and create some more. To dance in between streams of existences and to see just how the strings would die upon her divine fingers. One thimble for one universe, another for the next. She continues to weave and make worlds anew to this very day. This universe was also of her doing.

"I shall make a world of where only three gods reside over it. Vida, of life. Alma, of soul. And Muerte, of death. They shall be the gods of the realm."

As she molded the clay in her hands, carving eyes and poking in mouths, she gave them three gifts: a birthmark of her design, earrings that were their chains and a wish that was to be granted should they break both rules and become erased from their string of fate. 

"Of your existence, there are two tethers that are not to be broken. You are to never reveal yourself to your universe. And you are always to be believed in."

She left them to take care of the new existence they were given, uncaring if they would implode upon themselves or if they will continue to last for millennia. And so the three brothers created this world and fed it their lives and their love, witnessing eons of history and war, of strife and compassion, an ever-lasting cycle that was of their doing. They had no influence, only to give power. People died, people lived, and they died again and cycle. It was nature. It was fate.

But soon into another cycle, something was amiss. Suicide rates were at an all-time high. People were being killed left and right due to injustice. The world was suffering, dying, writhing in pain as humanity had begun to sweetly pull the plug on its life support. For divine brothers and otherworldly patrons of the universe, this was expected. Worlds die, they revive, and everything cycles into place once more. Millennia prior dictated it so, and millennia after would echo the process.

And yet, even with how the world turned and even with corpse upon corpse piling on top of each other, there was no satisfaction. There was no gratification. Death was meant to be feared, loathed, respected, expected. But when sought out as an escape, when romanced and lusted after and yearned for, that was when the reaper of myth and lore had decided that there was something wrong.

Muerte knew of his place; he was a God, yes, but not one to appease and to love. He was not an image of worship nor an image to celebrate. He was the shadows as the ghost, and the most recognition he should get is either people coming to peace or people scorning his name. And yet when he reaped for souls and found outstretched hands yearning for his touch and grace, he felt sick and repulsed. Disgusted, almost.

"They will die out." echoed Vida.

"This will come to pass." said Alma.

"The cycle will repeat." whispered the unspoken truth.

And yet he did not wish for it to repeat. He wished for it to restart.

And so of his own guidance and of his own developed stilled heart, Muerte did the unthinkable. Feeling the burning sensation of his left ear as his earring broke out of existence, he left his brothers to personally help the world that was slowly killing itself.

He took a corner of the world that was hidden so far gone that no one would be able to find it. He took this corner, enshrouded it with shadow of decay, and made it so that no one who was not ready for it could stumble upon the land. No, this was meant for those outreaching hands that wanted death's kiss, this was meant for those who wanted to abandon humanity but not truly die.

His brothers were angered at the betrayal but chose to be passive. The cycle would repeat regardless of what Muerte would do, so why not let him vent a bit? Let him try and see if his proposed answer would indeed influence the flow of fate. Death knew that he would have no support in his endeavor, but even as he was forever excommunicated from his family he still found solace. He found a sense of peace where he could try something new. Let decay come to him, let his throne be moral, and let the small seed of humanity that was planted in him flourish as he took fate by the reins and tried things his way.

Humanity in and of itself was sick and dying, and humanity's cycle needed to be reborn.

Wisteria was the way that it would happen.




  • Death - Muerte is literally the god, spirit, and being of death. No matter what name he goes by, he is what people regard as the reaper with the scythe. As such, he has fully capability of reaping souls from people through even by physical touch. He is able to erase people from existence and reality without any direct repercussion to himself (although he'd rather not do this as it would screw with the flux of fate for a short while until it rearranges itself). While he cannot stop time or reverse it, he can isolate a living being and either stop their hourglass (immortality), reverse their hourglass (age reversal), or add more sand to it (prolong life). He has total control over the mortality and expiration of any and all living beings.
  • Transformation - Muerte is able to alter his form and shape-shift into multiple different beings. Being the embodiment of death, he has a plethora of forms and guises he can take in order to properly watch over his planet. 
    • Guardians - Animals based off of the four horsemen.
      • Death's Ram 
      • Famine's Lion 
      • Plague's Bat 
      • War's Dove
    • Hellion - When enraged or under a flux of emotion, Muerte can willingly grow from his normal size to his hellion size. This can range from between his normal height (6'0") and twice his height. He grows proportionally, meaning that if one part of his body grows then it will match how he normally looks, and he can choose which parts of him transforms and which do not. Key things of his transformation includes:
      • Longer horns that curl upward
      • A tail made of his flesh
      • Talons that can rip through even his own flesh
      • Stronger and thicker body
      • Longer hair
      • Sharper teeth
      • And finally, a plethora of eyes that consumes all of his face (although it is said that eyes could pop up all over his body if at a completely heightened state)
    • Omega - Still in the process of being written at this time!
  • Flesh and Bone - Muerte's insides is where his arsenal truly resides. As stated prior, Muerte can grow talons that can tear through his own flesh. The reason as to why this is such is because it's within Muerte's demonic form that all of his beings, construct, and weapontry lie. Rather than being able to call upon elements and summon out of his palm, he literally has to tear himself open to pull out his weapons and arsenal to fight. He is able, but not limited, to do the following:
    •  Take flight by tearing his backside to make holes for skeletal wings.
    • Summon his scythe by tearing a part of his head off and pulling it from his inside.
    • Taking said scythe and dragging it across his back to summon his guns, skulls, and other deadly summons such as wraiths, imps and other creatures of the night.
    • Cut open his front side to allow his Omega form to climb out of his body like a rift
  • Regeneration - Unlike most tactics of regeneration, Muerte does not need a piece of him to be left behind in order to be reconstructed. He can reappear out of thin air. His reconstruction abilities are also remarkable; as soon as he tears himself apart, he willingly reconstructs at a fast pace. Losing limbs to him is nothing.
    • It's also important to point out that his insides are vantablack and empty; while he may function human-like on the outside in terms of tears, sneezing, breathing, drooling, a heartbeat and other bodily functions, his insides are literally an abyss (so much so that if you even poke through his eyes, despite there being a shine you can actually stick your finger into where his eyes are). 
  • ???
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fighting style

Battle Theme:???



His name changes depending on the language spoken, but with his current vessel/smol form he defaults to Muerte or Death.

When people initially come in contact with him, they would note his marigold-like scent and atmosphere. As people become more accustomed to being around him, there is a more rotten smell to him. ( HeartlessSpade )

The man running Wisteria. Is more powerful than he lets on.

"This isn't even my final form! It's actually not even close to my second or third form either;;"

He's edgy but like, not in an embarrassing sense.

The reason why he has only one earring is important. He used to have two. It is also related to the mark on his forehead.

He's literally the spirit/god of Death. Like, the whole scythe and robes and skeleton thing. In his universe, all beliefs of death all result to him.

Comes off as mid-40's? Old man.

The two slits under his eyes are also eyes. He usually keeps them closed but they tend to open up and glare when he does.

He's enlisted in four Agents of Death to help him with the mortality rate of his side of the planet; Haru as War, Waka as Death, Hera as Plague and Lis as Famine
  • He enlists youth that have been severely fucked over by the world "because they're old enough to know right from wrong but they're young enough to gain experience"
  • Being an Agent of Death is kind of like... A lifetime gig. Gain immortality if you haven't achieved it already but in the long run you do age in terms of gods/mythical beasts and before you know it you're like an angel. Of death. Or something. It's rad.
  • Double-crossing Muerte results in pure termination. There's no nirvana when your soul is erased from the flux of time and space.
Death's goal is simple; to kill humanity but pacifist-like
  • With the way Wisteria works, humans who have long surpassed their mortal coil and long to become something greater are able to achieve this via travelling through The Nightmare Express. Think of Spirited Away with how humans were turned into pigs and all, but like, in a good and positive way. Through Wisteria, humans contort and deform into their "true form", such as monsters or spirits or otherwise. Death's goal is to allow Wisteria to spread, to successfully kill "humanity" off and start the new wave of existence. In essence it's like, an apocalypse but nature takes over and there's greenery and peacefulness rather than darkness and gloom and depression.
  • Reason why he's focusing on this project is because, truthfully, he's longed to nuke the human shell ever since the world began to turn on its side; Earth is dying, the world is dying, and as much as Death revels in the aftermath, he wants to try to guide the cycle so that these dumb monkeys don't 100% nuke everything and make everything start over from scratch
    • Basically put, it's a "hell froze over" scenario where Death himself is like "nah man, it's not gonna go down like this". Guy has actually developed a heart during the past couple of decades and decided to help humanity by killing it softly w/ a pillow.





All of the information located in this tab is INFORMATION NOT COMMONLY KNOWN IN-CANON. Using this information with interaction would be considered GODMODDING. 
Do NOT use this information when roleplaying or interacting with this character unless otherwise specified. If you bring this information out, I will instantly drop all interaction with you.

Muerte can only, canonically, be killed by two means:

  • A) He breaks both of his earrings (If he both comes down to his universe to help it and if his universe does not believe in the concept of death)
  • B) If he himself revives someone personally to their full, untouched state. 
    • By reviving someone, say, before they were hit by a car but after the accident happens (so in their entirely normal state), it rewrites what "death" is and thus would erase his existence. It's a similar concept as, say, if you as a person had the ability to alter how you physically and emotionally are. By doing this, you "kill" the other version of you by wiping them out of existence in lieu of having this new definition of you.
    • This does not apply to means of "regular revivals", such as but not limited to: demonic deals, necromancy, Muerte reviving people but at a cost, Muerte reviving souls that he himself did not reap, and recycling souls through the art of reincarnation.
This being said, Muerte absolutely cannot die through any other means. 
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