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A tall dark older dreanei warrior, looking for purpose in life. 
Skrenva is a tall dark dreanei warrior. She is often seen with really short, military style hair, to keep combat easy. The hair is a white color, which stands in deep contrast to her darker skin-tone. The same white color can be seen at the tip of her tendrils, and at the bottom of her feet, right before her hooves, same with a small stripe of white over and under her left eye.  She have one piercing at one of said tendrils, a small gold ring. 
Skrenva is rather muscular, with a toned body as well, muscles is easily shown on the woman, as she train a lot, to keep up with her combat-skills. 

. Outcast .

.     Skrenva is a really old dreanei, she's still considered young in the eyes of other dreanei's. She's roughly over 11.000 years old, closer to 12.000, looks the same as when she was 30. She was born on Exodar, after the fall of Argus and never got to experience the fall itself.  Because of this she has grown tired of the constant talk of Argus, she feels no pride toward that nor the naaru. Her younger years weren't the best, her parents didn't get along, her mother dying from a sickness when she was still very young, while her father taking care of her to the best of his possibilities, never did that good of a job. Once she was old enough she chose to go the way of the warrior, while her father wanted her to become a paladin, she refused and instead became a warrior. Skrenva trained hard for many years, giving her a muscular and toned body one she still holds to this day. Once landing on Azeroth, she chose to go her own way, helping her people get on their feet and afterward headed out in the world, alone. She used to work for hire for many years, selling her arm for good money.

. Forgotten.

.     MENTALITY  //  Skrenva is a strong-willed character who does what she pleases. She lived many years, experienced a lot of things. She kinda lost hope in her own race, 

.     POSITIVES  //  Realist . Introverted .  Strong . Independent .

.     NEGATIVES  //  Negative . Loner . 

.     LIKES  //  F

.     DISLIKES  //  f

.     FEARS  //  f

.     ORIENTATION  //  Asexual


. Warrior.

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