Derek Quenevere



2 years, 4 months ago

Basic Info


Derek Albert Quenevere






March 10th, 2000






Bisexual (Female leaning)


Drummer and Dishwasher at the Butterscotch restaurant

Current residence

A house in Station Square

Marital Status

In a relationship with Katie Briggs

Theme Song

Jonathan Young - Peace Sign ~


Personality traits: 






-Looking fancy


-Yelling at him

-Inconsiderate people

-Things not going as planned

-Bad rhythm


Derek is usually a not very open person. He’s one of not so many words and doesn’t very well know what to do in unexpected situations. He has everything planned and knows what he’s going to do for the next coming week. He lets order lead his life, and until this point it has worked out greatly. When in groups he’s usually the person who comes with snarky comments from time to time but never actually lead the conversation. When you want a debate though, he’s your man. Once somebody starts a discussion Derek suddenly lights up and takes the stage, hoping to get everyone’s opinion clear to him and trying to understand it. That also means that he’s very open-minded, and really likes to listen to other people’s stories.

Combat traits:


Derek possesses no actual powers


-He has rhythm

-He can drum so he can punch????

-Also I guess he has spikes


-Pathetic sad sack

-Runs away whenever there’s danger

-Worries a lot

Physical Stats:

Speed: ­– He can run, but not that well

Stamina: – He should definitely get more buff

Strength: ­– Yeah he definitely should

Intelligence: – Is good at solving problems, but only if you give him time to do so

Agility: – Due to being a skinny boi he can bend very well.

Social information:


Abby Quenevere: His sister. They have a regular sibling relationship. One that consists out of quite some rivalry, seeing as they both have regularly tried to outsmart each other. Still, they both value each other a lot, helping each other out whenever it's needed. Derek sometimes acts as if he dislikes his sister, but that's mainly for the joke of it. Abby most of the time knows how to handle things and he regularly asks her for advice.

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Positive relations:

Boubka Frolig: Boubka’s best friend. They met each other in primary school and never lost each other’s eyes since. They hang out a lot together and probably almost know everything about each other. Derek has a deep respect for Boubka. His optimism always seem to cheer him up and helps him defeat the demons in his head. 

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Luka Frolig and Alina Marilayra: His fellow band members. He hangs out with them a lot. Also he obviously makes music with them. They are considered his best friends if anything. They cheer up his day every time and it makes him happy

More info about these characters?:

Katie Briggs: Now this is strange. A girl that is more bound to chaos than order, but it’s still your girlfriend. How do you do this? Well lucky for them  Derek brings some stability to Katie’s life while Katie brings excitement to Derek’s life. A win-win situation. He loves her veeeeeery much but she can sometimes be quite agitating due to the fact that she sometimes thinks planning things out is useless.

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Derek grew up in a rich people's family where his whole family lives in one big house. Although his father is a big business man and his mother is a famous actrice/musician, Derek has learned from his family that friendship, family and morals are the most important things to have. And then he met this little fuckface called Bou in primary school and that kid was not well accepted at school. Derek, who learned to always take the moral high-ground, did become friends with Bou instead of the other kids who were scared shitless of this guy who once destroyed a bookcase with his laser hands because he got too excited. That's basically how they slowly became best friends!

Derek is now studying hard to become a scientist!....or a lawyer!....I should figure that one out.