Full name Orobelle Brilliant of the House of Diamonds
Age 12
Height 4'10"
Pronouns she/her
Born in Diamond Duchy, Queendom of Hearts
A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!

Orobelle is the most important person in the universe. Her fate is bound to reality's, and she bears the task of keeping it in existence. Her death would spell doom for it all.

And she certainly acts like it. A spoilt noble to the highest degree, she was raised to be the perfect Duchess of Diamonds—impossibly important, full of conviction, magnificent as the seat she was to fill. As the heir to a momentous birthright, her parents made certain to impress her superiority-by-birth upon her. Unfortunately, lessons aren't always learned the way you want them to be, and she has become a right entitled brat, cocky and demanding, throwing around her forceful personality for the pettiest of reasons. She is prone to tantrums made worse by her pride.

Barely concealed beneath the arrogance she inherited from her parents is a bottomless well of paranoia and insecurity that come with being the subject of intense scrutiny and covetousness, as a duchess and the bearer of a cosmically crucial duty.

Shrewd but reactionary, Orobelle often does not act unless she believes she is under direct threat, preferring to do whatever she pleases, her choices isolated from others. She is the centre of the universe, after all. She has a partiality to frills and lace, and shades of pink and pastel blue. Diamond motifs are an expression of her power, as well as her house's.


From birth, Orobelle was meant to lead the House of Diamonds to glory, and her parents arranged the circumstances of her birth to ease her eventual ascension to the throne of the Hearts. Her mother Adamanta saw her as a pawn to a strategy that would secure the House of Diamonds' victory over the Hearts, and groomed her as such, teaching her to hold herself like a duchess and to shed compromising bonds as fast as they formed.

Through their manipulating, Orobelle was accorded the Knot of Worlds, and with it the monumental task of keeping the universe in existence while she was still in her mother's womb. The nature of this duty is such that she cannot ever be killed or allowed to come to danger, becoming more a prize than a person. This was a role that they had hoped would award her unquestionable legitimacy as the new Queen. This grand plan was left in shambles when both parents were assassinated.
Adamanta (mother)It was not neglect exactly that Adamanta showed towards Orobelle. In fact, quite the opposite: Adamanta fussed over Orobelle's good grooming and education almost constantly. What their relationship lacked was any hint of warmth or love: Orobelle's conception was always no more than a strategic move, after all, and she would be the heiress who would steal the throne from the Queen of Hearts. To this day she continues to grapple with the messy legacy her mother left behind.
Murkvane (father)Murkvane never particularly liked Orobelle, particularly since he realised he would have to compete with her for Adamanta's attentions. It gradually became obvious throughout his life that she had only married him to have her, but his love for her withstood this knowledge somehow.
DorianOrobelle inherited several servants from her mother, but Dorian was the only one she chose and bought for herself. She named him as her protector, not because of any tradition or obligation, but because she truly feared for her life. She initially intended for him to play the role of a bodyguard, but has since come to view him as a substitute parent and to entrust increasingly sensitive roles and tasks to him, a fact she knows must be corrected and cannot be revealed.
Servants and courtiersMany under Orobelle's employer were much closer to her mother than to herself, and she finds herself frequently contending with them defaulting to her mother's orders or having trouble shaking off old expectations created by their previous liege. She does not quite yet understand the troubling history of the Duchy's presence in the Second World, and of the trade of servants across the world boundary.
  • Orobelle has enough outfits to wear a different one every day for months. She generally wears something different in every drawing of her that exists—I thought that not creating a "default" design would be a fun way to establish that fact.