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Age / DoB3 years (Adult) / Nov. 5th
PronounsHe / Him
SexualityHeterosexual (Straight)
Height3' 0" @ The shoulder
PrideTBN small pride
RankSelf Appointed Body Guard


Cyrus is a self appointed guard to three lionesses he befriended. He isn't the best at his "Job" as he's a lanky and pretty pathetic thing. Still he serves them loyally and in return is given their company and attention.uEECO7J.png

Cyrus has grown very close to Anaka, Asha and Myrell, the lions that took him in. He adores and is grateful for them. The bonds have gone pretty far and he has romantic feelings for each of them.

He has a poor immune system and suffers from illness quite often. Causing him discomfort and problems with keeping a healthy weight.

Personality & Outlook

Cyrus is a gentle and loyal lion. His pride and pride mates are important to him. Their well being often thought of before his own.

Cyrus is a bit of a coward. Fearful of the sight of blood and the thought of pain. His behavior however is that of a false confidence. Where he will try his best to show bravado, especially around females.

Though a thin and Lanky Lion, Cyrus likes to flirt with females. This often backfires on him as he becomes flustered once they show him interest back. He isn't sure what to do with these reactions, becoming very shy and stuttering over his wording.

Powers & Assets




When alive Cyrus was very close to Isoke. The two where a team and knew they were stronger together then apart. After Death Isoke still hangs around unknown to Cyrus other then small hints and shadows in the corner of his eye. He regrets being unable to save her, but hopes she knows how much he loved her.


A bold lion but Cyrus finds that charming and endearing about her. She seems to be the authority of the small group. Cyrus tries hard to keep on his toes around her. Usually this ends with him being caught way off guard. And he wouldn't change a thing about it.


Asha is a kind and sweet lion. Usually when Cyrus gets sick she's the first to notice and start help care for him. He enjoys her company and finds her very pretty.


A very quiet lion. Cyrus holds her dear finding her easy to talk to and share his troubles. Though she doesn't seem to speak much, when she does speak Cyrus can feel his heart flutter.


Cyrus and Myrell's Son, Elias, is Cyrus' First born cub. He loves his son, very much. When they are not with the family the two often spend time together bonding and Cyrus tries hard to teach the boy of the world around them. Good and bad.


Cyrus is a wild feral lion and often does not have accessories. He doesn't like to tie anything into his mane or tail tip. Keeping his fur as clean and as pristine as possible.

He likes to make a bed of grass and feathers in large dens or caves. Otherwise he's a fairly simple lion that prefers his natural look.


Cyrus was named after "Cyiz" a lupe I owned on Neopets before I left.

Cyrus is a great father and loves kids

Cyrus has a weak immune system since birth

Q & A

Q: Can I draw Cyrus?
A: Yes, I love and appreciate every piece, Commsission to gift art.

Q: Do you RP Cyrus?
A: Yes.

Artist Notes

  • Bags under his eyes are not optional
  • Long muzzle/Face
  • Tall and Lanky
  • Often sick, never seems to be at a healthy weight.
  • Very thin mane