Vesper's Comments

First of all, I just wnna say I loved her as soon as I saw her. Her wild hair, her clothes (especially that longjacket she's wearing in the second pic in her gallery <3), the lightning powers???? Literally every part of her is absolutely fantastic. 

I just wnna take a second to talk about her name as well, because "Vesper"? That's a cool as hell name and drew me to her instantly. It just sounds so dangerous and dignified at the same time? idk how to explain it, I just really like it. 

I'm also always a sucker for the "overworked" character trope lol, characters who are super intelligent but kinda wait until everything blows up in their face because they take too much on at once lmao. She sounds like someone who inspires respect from everyone she meets, a little intense and daring but definitely in a good way. But despite that, I adore how you gave her a softer side too when she's outside of work, she just seems like a very nuanced character in general. If I could have a chat with her in real life, I would. 

also I loved these bits in her profile, I think it really adds a lot to her character:

  • "she retains a childlike love for standing in the rain in the middle of a thunderstorm and feeling the static surge around her."
  • "the war has left its indelible mark on her, and she can no longer enter hospitals like the ones where she first watched her friends die." (oUCH my heArT)
  • "she now wears that bullet on a chain around her neck as a reminder of the event."

anyways, 100/10 oc, i love her. 

Wow, this was extremely nice to come back to! You read her profile in a lot of detail and it thrills me that you like her, because she's one of the OCs closest to my heart. Honestly, you seem to totally get what I was going for with her, every trait you listed is one I gave her because I'm also very fond of it myself (including the name lol), and it's great knowing someone else also enjoys those things :p I love characters who want to enjoy themselves but simply won't let themselves do so, or who present themselves as serious and above frivolities most of the time, but have silly hidden traits. Thank you once again for the very nice and detailed comment, I appreciate it a lot!

I haven't read through her profile yet, but I did read Ace, and from that, I already know that I love her! She's so intense in everything that she does! Reading through her perspective, her hunt-or-be-hunted mentality, it's really interesting and I'd love to read more about her!

Oooh I'm glad you like her from the way I wrote her, she's definitely intense and also one of my favourite characters that I have (for entirely personal reasons) so I'm glad to know that that comes across in my writing!