Ruthenia's Comments

Ruthenia seems to be a very solid character. Her motives are very relatable, given that she resents government for taking so much away from her, and I'm glad her reaction is to rebel, rather than let it get her down. It's very uplifting. I also enjoy the conflict she has of wanting to get a good education, but having to be surrounded by individuals she despises.

I'll be honest, I was slightly thrown when I read that she was born in a lab, but further reading revealed that the framing of the words was not what it seemed to be initially, which I thought was a bit amusing.

Oh wow, I only just realised that that part could be read a completely different way from what I intended. Indeed she wasn't created in a lab, heh, her mom just spent almost all her time at work. I suppose it makes sense that that's how you'd read it, considering you seem to be into robots, heh. I'm glad you find her relatable and uplifting; the entire project she's from has a forward-looking atmosphere to it, and I spent a lot of time developing her story as well as the plot of said project. Thank you for reading her profile and for this comment!

Whoops, I listened to Memorialisation a couple weeks ago. Great song! Loved hearing her perspective and inner conflict about a certain subject that I probably shouldn't mention here. That being said, I really find Ruthenia's situation intriguing! She must struggle so much trying to live up to what her parents left behind, though it's interesting that she would even do that considering how much they neglected her when they were alive. Does she resent them for neglecting her, or does she have other reasons for carrying out their goals?

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Thank you for spending the time listening to the music and reading about her!

As with a lot of children who have no reference points as to normalcy, she never really grasped the nature of the neglect, and simply accepted it as a part of her life: she was too young to recognise their mistreatment, or the validity of her feelings of abandonment. Then the grief of losing them drowned it all out, and she ended up clinging to the image of her parents that was most convenient/appealing and most strongly reiterated by the world around her: that of them being martyred heroes.

Spoilers follow, but I suppose it's fine since I won't be sharing this novel for a while yet:

It wasn't until much later that she started to realise that their relationship wasn't rosy, but more generally, that it had shaped, and in a sense warped, her entire being in ways she couldn't perceive, until she recognised the former fact. Which doesn't happen for a while in the story, haha--you could say that a major part of the character arc is to do with her realising that. By the time she did, there was less resentment than regret, that she'd never get to reconcile with them, and that her recovery would have to happen without it.

While her past is a huge part of what started her down the path of rebellion, she does have a strong sense of justice, an awareness of injustice, and a revolutionary spirit, which emerged partly from how the unfairness of the law and its arbiters were thrust in her face by those events. Astra (her homeland) has high economic inequality and a history of inhumane processes of justice, so I suppose it's not a matter of her seeing injustice where there's none.

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She and. One of my characters. They would have a lot to talk about if they met, though their circumstances differ quite a bit. They'd probably have very different feelings toward certain people in their lives because of that, but overall, pretty much in the same boat.

If I wasn't sold before, I am now. She's genuinely such an interesting character, and I wanna root for her quest for revolution!

Ooh, which character is that whom you think would have a lot to talk about with her? Also, I'm glad you like her! She's possibly my favourite character (it's a tough choice really), partly because I spent so many years writing and rewriting her story, heheh.

Ah, that would be Mai! Her arc deals with a few of the same things Ruthenia's does

I can see why Ruthenia's your favorite! She's very compelling!

Ooooh it's Mai again! I sure do seem to be running into Mai a lot in relation to similarities with my own characters. I think she's great, so it stands to reason--I like characters like her :p I'm glad you think so!