Director Lykel



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Full Name [Unknown]
?????????? [Unspecified]
Gender Male
Species Nobrian Adlet

Director Lykel

Featured in the webcomic Synodic Link.

Director Lykel - more commonly referred to simply as The Director - is a mysterious individual, seeming to be deeply focused on his job and accomplishing his tasks. He seems to be incredibly confident, skilled, and efficient, almost seeming to have an air of impatience when it comes to accomplishing any tasks at hand as soon as possible.

He is part of a mysterious, paranormally-skilled group known as "The Archive," in a position of leadership - though not the top rung. He seems to possess a supernatural power, which he tends to use in conjunction with his weapon, a sword in a stone.


  • ???


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Skills & Abilities

Supernatural Ability

The Director has a mysterious supernatural ability which has allowed him to launch the stone off of his sword as a speedy projectile, then remotely redirect the stone from a distance to hit a target.

Physical Strength

The Director is quite physically strong, allowing him to lift and wield the heavy sword in a stone with relative ease.

Steeled Focus

The Director seems to be completely zeroed-in on his current tasks and does not seem easily distracted.


Sword in Stone [ unknown ]

An ornate broadsword engraved with glowing glyphs. It's embedded in a large decorative stone that can be freely detached and re-attached as the situation needs, a task made easier by The Director's supernatural abilities. The sword also has a slit partway through its blade that may help with this in some way.