Esk 578's Comments

Oh god I love them

AWW, I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you so much! ;U;

Aa could you ping me if you ever take offer qwq sorry if this is rude or smth ajsjs

Also no problem!! <3

No worries haha, but I'm afraid I can only disappoint you in that department! I very rarely trade or sell my characters, and if for some reason I would ever have to part from my pigeonchild, they'd most likely go to a friend ;u;

BUT whenever you get an esk (or maybe you already have one!), I'd certainly be happy to brainstorm with you and figure out some kind of friendship or something between them if you ever wanted! <3

Aa no worries!

Oof yeah that’d be cool :’o

aw man, it's gorgeous 

Thank you so much! ;0; Jei9 did such an incredible job designing this esk, and I'm so happy and excited to develop it further ♥