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May troubles be far from your mind, and forgive me for being so blind.

Name Cecil Killian
Age 18
Height 5'5
Build Scrawny
Species Human
Gender Male
Orient. Bisexual
Quirk Aspen Eyes
Alignment Lawful Good

Cecil has very pale skin and a slim figure with a short stature. His hair is a short dull purple, with two ahoges sticking out. His eyes are opaque and cloudy, with thick feminine eyelashes. A pale pink bandage is worn across his eyes, often his signature look. Cecil can be seen wearing very common winter clothing, though he is never seen without his purple leather jacket. Aspen trees are often growing out of his body.

  • The trees surrounding his body can be summoned at will, though he'll often have a few sticking out to guide him.
  • Cecil's ears are always showing, and can be seen turn a pale red when he's flustered.
  • Underneath his leather jacket, he has yet another jacket, but will zip that one up.
  • He is never seen without his bandages around his eyes, he's very self-conscious without it
  • His shoes are very dirty, often tracking in mud.

Cecil was blind since birth, all his life he had dreamed and hoped to see the world. One day he came across a wood nymph, the creature said to grant him the ability to see. Unknowing of the creature's intentions, he accepts. Trees then grow onto his body, growing eyes all over. The more and more eyes grew, the more Cecil could feel himself lose control of his own mind and body. Slowly, there was no more Cecil. Just a soulless tree boy ready to attack any creature the wood nymph disliked.

Once he became mindless, he possessed a new quirk titled "Aspen Eyes". He can summon trees from his body or the ground, these trees then grow eyes and serve as his new means of seeing. With this ability, he can see all around him, from down to the ground to high in the sky. Cecil is also capable of creating a large mass of trees, using it to attack. Cecil is VERY weak to fire and bright lights, if exposed to such, it'll cause his trees to revert back into him meekly.

Eventually, Cecil ran into a rescue team and had many feuds with them. Attacking them each time, injuring himself and them in process. Overtime, the rescue team was able to locate a soul within the monster of him. They then made it a operation to restore him to his normal human self again. After trial and error, they were able to return Cecil..but none of his memories.


  • With Aspen Eyes, he can see the world around him, but sees very few colors. The world looks bleak and dull to him.
  • Since he can't see without his quirk, he relies on noise and voices. He's very good at telling people apart.
  • Cecil won't always use his quirk, he's lived many years without it, and doesn't need it constantly. He's very capable WITHOUT it!
  • Cecil is very awkward and anti-social, he often finds it hard to make many friends and talk to people.
  • Although he's very anxious and depressed, Cecil is working hard on becoming a better person. He doesn't want to live in fear any longer.

  • Protecting others, especially his girlfriend Mortimer.
  • Feeling safe and loved, it's rare for him to trust fully and open himself up.
  • His lover Mortimer! He loves to be by her side, give her cute pet names, and will often space out thinking about her!
  • Rainstorms, Cecil feels very replenished after a nice storm!
  • Music, since he couldn't watch movies back then he relied on music for entertainment! He loves indie rock and vaporwave.

  • His singing, he loves to sing but he feels as he's not quite..good.
  • Himself, often times he lets his anxious and paranoid thoughts get the best of him.
  • Wildfires and fire in general, it scares him greatly.
  • The fact he can't remember anything from his past, he doesn't know his family..past friends..or anything. He feels like a chunk of him is gone.
  • How evil he was forced to be, he hates thinking about everyone he's hurt or possibly killed while he was possessed.

Mortimer Girlfriend

Mortimer is Cecil's main source of love, support, and happiness. With the two of them together, they are quite literally a power couple!

Dent Friend

Dent gave Cecil a chance to prove himself to everyone he's harmed, trusting Cecil instantly. Cecil greatly appreciates his act of kindness.

Kuro Friend

Cecil knows how awful Kuro feels, and will try his best to be a positive figure for them. Being strong for Kuro.