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Name Lion
Sexuality some kind of homosexual
Age 24
Gender great question! he/they
Species dragon, hypothetically
Birthday Oct 3
Montero Loops 5000+
Playlist Spotify link

Lion is my sona, and so their character is mostly a collection of self-indulgent traits loosely packaged into a single design. They're a dragon, though a shapeshifter, and a powerful magic-user who is mostly using that power to try and impress women. They are androgynous, and lean towards masculine. Also, I gave them robot arms and that's sexy and notable.
More information in other tabs!


  • their friends :)
  • tropical / beach, neon / cyberpunk, ghibli-type fantasy aesthetics
  • red, teal, black, gold


  • capitalism
  • Canadian shipping costs

Art Info

Designer me ( canonkiller )
Value priceless
Comm Value pending
For Sale never / don't offer
Okay to Draw yes
Design Date Feb 2018
Build 5'6, thin
Called hot 23 times

Description Notes

  • Full description transcript at bottom of this tab
  • Androgynous, leaning towards masculine
  • Blue arrow-shaped markings on Lion's neck and ribs are gills, and Lion is capable of waterbreathing
  • Electric blue markings (gills, eyes, tail spike, tongue, spine tips, etc) can glow
  • Optional second set of robotic / mechanical arms
  • Lion's tail length is 'however long looks nice'


Lion can be drawn in anthro or feral form, or anywhere in between! They can also shapeshift, so if you want to go wild with their overall shape, go right ahead. Please do not draw them as human / design a human form for them.

Changing Lion's colors / saturation / etc is fine, as long as they're still identifiable as Lion.

Lion's design is flexible; as long as they're recognizable, it's fine to play with the design or leave out features! Generally, the easiest way to make them identifiable as Lion is to keep the triangular, rigid 'frills' on their head and the overall color or placement of their markings. Their wings are also totally optional, and can also be altered for artistic license; however, please do not draw them with totally black / mostly black wings.

Drawing them interacting with other characters is fine, as long as it's platonic!


Lion can be drawn in most clothing. Please avoid dresses and skirts, as well as lower-half nudity; being shirtless is fine. While not a hard rule, Lion generally doesn't wear socks, or tight necklaces / chokers.

Aesthetics / fashion choices can be anything, so just go with what you like. Comfortable casual wear, men's formal wear, Forever21 bargain bin, have fun with it. When in doubt, lean masculine. Cosplay options are also fine, though I'd prefer it to be from media I'm familiar with (when in doubt, just ask!)

Feel free to adjust hue / saturation / colors used in Lion's palette to better fit clothing choices!

Drawing Prompts / Aesthetics

  • Portal and Portal 2 / GLaDOS vibes
  • sharp shapes / dynamic poses
  • glow / neon
  • nature / architecture contrast
  • soft and warm light sources
  • stained glass
  • the general vibe of 'will kick your ass and look hot doing it'
  • flashy magic used casually
  • Moira (Overwatch) vibes
  • walking through long grass in summer

Hard Limits

Do not draw / create:

  • gore or candy gore of this character
  • NSFW, explicit, or fetish content of this character
  • full nudity of this character
  • this character in settings, clothing, or accessories that promote or condone hate speech, harassment and/or bigotry
  • this character in romantic or sexual settings with other characters (unless directly requested to do so).

Design Transcript
Basic info:

Height: 5'6" in anthro form, approximately horse-sized in feral form

Build: thin, on the bony side. looks like a bundle of sticks when compared to practically anyone.

Body Color: Mainly orange, darkening to brown on the hands, feet, and back, and lightening to peach on the face and tail, yellow belly. Their whole body has narrow peach / white stripes, placed more or less at random but generally following the shape of the body. They have six gills on their neck and six on their ribs, with three on each side, and these are electric blue.

Wing Color: Orange to brown gradient with brown and peach streaks on the underside, dark brown on the back, with electric blue spots running along the bone at each wing tip (bat wings); orange-brown with brown-edged feathers (feathered)

Eye Color: Dark brown sclera (the white part of the eye) and iris, electric blue pupils. The fleshy bits around their eyes are brown or electric blue, and a triangular section in front of their eyes is electric blue. Their pupils can glow, and also reflect blue in light.

Mouth Color: White / off-white teeth, brown mouth / gums, electric blue tongue.

Additional Notes: Electric blue areas can glow at will. Blood color not listed because you shouldn't need it.
Full description:

Body: Lion is a shapeshifter, but they prefer the shape of a quadrupedal or anthropomorphic dragon with two wings (feathered or bat-like). They have a long, thin tail with a scorpion-like spike on the tip and a smaller spike facing the opposite direction at the base. Their face is framed by six flat, rigid frills that give their head a sharp, triangular look. They have two horns that point backwards and turn sharply back towards their head at the tips. They have arrow-shaped gills; three on either side of their neck, and three on each side of their chest (a total of 12). These can be simplified to just arrow-shaped markings.

Colors: Lion's colors are various shades of orange, brown, and cream / peach. They are mostly a medium orange; lightening to light orange and cream / peach at the tail and face; and darkening to brown on the back, backs of the wings, hands and feet. Their body is banded by narrow cream / peach / white stripes; their wings are banded by brown and cream when webbed and orange ringed with black (like the Golden Sebright chicken) when feathered. They have a fin on their head and back that is a redder tone than the rest of their body, patterned with rough-edged horizontal stripes of cream and brown. Their throat, chest, and belly are yellow-orange. Their horns, claws, eyes, tail spike, the inside of their mouth and the back of their ears are dark brown, and their whiskers, back fin, wings, and tail spike are all tipped with electric blue. Their pupils, a triangular section in front of their eyes, their gills, and their tongue are also electric blue. Their teeth are white, and hidden when their mouth is closed, and are similar in appearance to wolf's teeth, but with slightly longer canines.

Facial markings: Their facial markings are cat-like, with the mouth, eye and cheek area of their face being cream / peach / white and the top of their muzzle, forehead, and frills are orange (with the frills darkening at the tips). They have two orange stripes on each cheek, and tabby-cat-like markings in cream / peach / white on their forehead. Their horns are dark brown, and their ears are cream / peach / white on the inside and dark brown on the outside.

Wings: When their wings are feathered, they are orange with black / dark brown rings (Golden Sebright chicken as reference) or match the colors of their bat-like wings. You can change the patterning of the feathered wings if you like, as long as they stay approximately the same colors and are not mainly or completely black.

Robot Parts: Lion's design has recently updated to include optional robot parts; a spinal implant and an additional set of limbs (wings or arms). These parts are monochrome, with white 'plating' and gray and / or dark gray mechanical parts. The additional limbs don't interfere with the range of motion of their main limbs, and can fold up or detach when not in use. These parts can be accentuated with small orange-gold or electric blue lights, which glow. If you want to add fancy engraving or tattoos to them, go ahead! The spinal implant is semi-styled after a back brace, to mirror my own disability.

Character Lore

Lion is a wildly powerful magic-user, arguably a physical manifestation of magic itself. Though they have settled into a 'default' form, they are a shapeshifter by nature, and cannot be harmed by traditional means. Their form reacts to their self-image, so traits may appear and disappear depending on whether they are being actively thought about. Though Lion's abilities mean they are mostly invulnerable, a lifetime of assuming they weren't means they react to external forces as though they aren't.

Lion is big of heart and dumb of ass, and tends to vary wildly between lurking on the sidelines of groups and throwing themselves into the spotlight. They try to act cool and suave, but given that they are generally a head shorter than everyone else and insisting that cornbread is made with corn and nothing else, it really only works at a distance.

To help stabilize their physical form, they occassionally wear [ external ] [ supports ]. These supports have no set design, as they as conjured as needed.


When younger, their magical abilities were much more volatile and lacked discipline; difficulty maintaining a 'normal' standard drove them into self-isolating. Their study of their own condition allowed them to understand it and control it, allowing them to have a steady sense of self and social circle. Their control still wavers with strong negative emotions, causing their form to destabilize and their magic to lash out, but it is much more self-contained and is done away from others.

The Arcaneum

The Arcaneum is Lion's place of employment and also residence: a massive, potentially magical library that contains at least one copy of each book to have ever existed, and some that haven't. It is unknown how much of the building is physical and how much is magical; it has no outside appearance, as it can only be accessed through other doorways, which seem to be chosen through visitor necessity.

Lion's position is arguably that of a librarian, though the Arcaneum manages itself in most regards. Lion acts as an access point to its knowledge, as an omnipotent, benevolent guardian while within its walls. Lion can unerringly find or directly summon any requested text, even if the requester only vaguely remembers the details, even if the book is not shelved or if it is in a seemingly inaccessible section. Lion's magical powers mesh naturally with the Arcaneum's own magical network, meaning that their abilities are even more second nature than usual. The use of such magic would be unsettling if not for the subdued, calming nature of the environment.

Lion's living quarters are not demonstratably attached to the Arcaneum, much as how the doors simply go where they should. They have a cozy sitting room with a kitchenette, with an attached study, bathroom, and bedroom. The living quarters are inaccessible to guests unless directly invited. During work hours, Lion can usually be found at the central desk of the Arcaneum or doing some odd job in the public areas. They do snack at the desk during the day, which the Arcaneum begrudgingly accepts.



Anthro [ main ]

Lion's default form, and the one I draw most often. Their basic design, but anthro. Horns, wings (usually feathered), and the longer spines are optional in this form. Fire and lightning abilities are usually directed through physical gestures, rather than exhaled.


Feral [ main ]

Lion's default form, and the one I draw most often. Their basic design, but feral. Drawn less often than their anthro form. Because of their larger size, I tend to draw their full range of traits in this form. They exhale / 'breathe' their fire and lightning abilities in this form.


Charged [ secondary ]

Anthro or feral form, but 'powered up' in a sense; markings and eyes glowing, ambient lightning or fire around their body, etc. Not so much a distinct form as a visual choice for the other forms.


Archangel [ personal ]

Generally more monstrous, often features black feathers, can be anthro or feral but tends towards anthro. Since I use this form for more personal art, please do not draw it.

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