LMK Palette Adopts [OPEN]



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~Palette Adopts~

1: NatiAndEevee (Comes with a tiger transformation reference)
2: [OPEN] (Comes with a spear weapon reference)
3: MissBloomy (Comes with a bow weapon reference)

These adopts are essentially you pick the colors and I'll color it for you! You're free to offer up as many palette colors, however, do not be surprised if I don't use them all. I use what looks good and fits the general personality you want for said character. :3c

You can also just buy the adopt as is and color it yourself, up to you! I'm just doing this cuz it saves on time for me. lmao

-------------Rules for Purchasing-------------

- Each adoptable is $15

- I only accept paypal.

- Comment if you would like to buy.

- Please do not ask me for non-watermarked designs. (The large watermarks on these adopts will be made smaller once you purchase it)

- Trading and gifting is fine. So long as you reference me as the sole creator of the adopt.

- I will hold any offers for 5 days, after that anyone else who is interested may buy / trade them.

You can pay for extra stuff such as;

- Paying an additional $5 for extra props like additional clothing details, design tweaks, ect.

- These character's do have potential weapon references already picked out for them, however you can choose whether or not they get drawn out and customized to suit the character. (These cost at least 5$ a piece as well)

Once you purchase your adopt you will get;

- A transparent file for the character.

- Freedom to change them however you wish. (Design wise, ect)

work © Azelforest , do not repost, re-distribute, edit, or claim as your own, etc.