3 years, 11 months ago


your typical villain. martin grew up in a toxic household, and when he was just a kid, he was tossed out onto the streets. he lived out there for a while, eventually growing to the age he is now (18) and taking his fate into his own hands.

martin is a cocky person, and usually boasts about how well his plans are going or how cool he is (he, himself, doesnt believe that)

very VERY short-tempered. he gets upset easily, but at the small height of 4'6", he cant really do anything. he usually uses his teeth/claws to fight

his parents never cared enough to teach him how to read, so he doesnt know how to. this is a very sensitive topic and he gets extremely upset when its brought up

despite being a villain, he has a deep love for superheroes. owns a LOT of action figures (probably all of them stolen). he will NEVER admit to liking superheroes, though. as a kid he wanted to be a hero but he felt like villain fit him better